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Joe Ingles?
« on: March 14, 2017, 04:22:43 AM »

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Having a really nice season at Utah, FA this year. Could be an outlier year though.

He would seem to fit Brad's system nicely though, and would be a great backup SF if Jae or Jaylen gets traded.

He will probably fetch 3 years 30 million though..
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Re: Joe Ingles?
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great shooter. Is actually from my home town and I had a chat to him recently when he came to my cafe.
Question with him has always been his D and slow agility. Anyone seen much of him this year?
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Re: Joe Ingles?
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Pretty much perfect for the role he's playing now but thats really all he is, a role player 3 and D guy.

Despite being very solid he's only scored 20+ twice this season, so he's kind of a two trick pony without a particularly high ceiling for production. Decent two tricks though.

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Re: Joe Ingles?
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I still dont get why Gerald Green is out of rotation, especially because we play hot and cold lately.
I don't see what could we have in Ingles that we dont have in Green already.

Re: Joe Ingles?
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I remember listening to Jazz broadcast and they said he was a great locker room guy. That he was always doing what ever he could and got along with everyone.

Re: Joe Ingles?
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I would love Jingles on the Celtics.  And Celtics fans would love him too if he came here.

Consummate team player, gritty, smart.  Very underrated role player, who understands his place on the team and plays within himself.  Ingles is so much more than just a three-point shooter, though,  he's also a very smart passer and can function as a secondary offensive facilitator.  Ingles has also become a sneaky good defender, which is actually the main reason he was able to carve out a major role in Utah's rotation, despite the fact Utah is loaded on the wings.

He's the type of player every team needs.  And he's good friends with Gordon Hayward.