Author Topic: Nba: nets robbed by refs in game 4  (Read 650 times)

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Re: Nba: nets robbed by refs in game 4
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Always hated these reports. What is the point of making it public?

It was already public if you watched the game

Not sure what that means, as clearly (in this thread, even) some don't think it was enough contact to warrant a whistle.

So by acknowledging publicly that it was a blown call - whether you watched it live, the clip, or not at all - doesn't help the situation in any way. Keep these internal and use with the referees union for training or whatever to try to limit these mistakes. But by exposing (or confirming) these mistakes to fans is just unnecessary with no true purpose.

What will happen when one of these reports comes out after a Game 7 that proves poor calls (or lack thereof) erroneously eliminated a team? It's bound to happen eventually...


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