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Re: Paul Pierce Appreciation thread
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One of the best Cís of all time

He also deserves some appreciation for his analysis. Never pulls punches and is one of the only mainstream guys who has faith in us

Re: Paul Pierce Appreciation thread
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I agree, one of the most underrated players of all-time.

Underrated passer.
Underrated leader.
Underrated defensively.
Good enough to completely carry a team offensively.
Underrated toughness, both mental and physical.
Could consistently finish better at the rim than any player that I've ever seen save for maybe Karl Malone.
Underrated athletically.
A very good defensive rebounder especially when you needed it.

Def the 2nd best Celtic that I've ever seen (I'm 44).  Better than McHale.  Better than KG.  Better than Parish.  Better than DJ.

He was the best player in '08, I don't care what anybody says.


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