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2016 CB Draft: Draft Thread: Important Announcement
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Important Announcement from Commish's office:

What is going on?  Did this just die before our eyes?

Well... yes and no.

The long-and-short of it is I'm simply unable to continue coordinating things.

Folks may have seen in anothr thread (and as I told the other volunteer-assistants-to-the-commish (NickAgneta, Evantime34, and The Walker Wiggle earlier today) that my wife has been having some health issues that led to an ER visit this weekend. Thankfully there's nothing critical or life-threatening. But that combined with being *slammed* at work means I'm just not able to set up the press conferences, voting for playoffs, playoff matchups and subsequent playoff voting.

I put to Nick, Evantime and Wiggle if one of them was interested in taking over or if we should just "call it". For what it's worth the original CBD was just the draft and maybe press conferences no voting.

The general consensus was that the best part of CBD is the draft itself -- and that the press conf/playoffs/voting is (a) a lot of work and (b) where some of the hyper competitive stuff comes out. We are also down at least 4 GMs (including me) since the start of the draft. So we were all fine letting things be, as disappointing as it might be.

All that being said, if someone else woudl like to take over from here and set up press conf., voting and playoffs --- be my guest. Sadly I won't be able to be very active, but other GMs may want to be.

Again I'm really sorry for having to bail. The group of GMs has been really great this time and the discussions were all pretty respectful and thoguthful. it was a lot of fun to dust this CBD thing off! Maybe a group of us can start a bit earlier next summer to share the load of CBD 2017?

Ubuntu.... and TPs all around gents!!!!!

useful links:: RULES  |  List of GMs (with PM links)  |  TRADES  |  AVAILABLE PLAYERS

Remember: The time listed is when the pick is DUE.

Pick / Time Pick is Due / Team / GM

ROUND 1 (Monday, August 1)            
1.1   11:10   Washington Wizards   DinoGanga   LeBron James
1.2   11:20   Toronto Raptors   green_bballers13   Steph Curry
1.3   11:30   Chicago Bulls   snively   Kevin Durant
1.4   11:40   Houston Rockets   Who   Anthony Davis
1.5   11:50   Oklahoma City Thunder   nickagneta   Draymond Green
1.6   12:00   Phoenix Suns   BigAlTheFuture   Russell Westbrook
1.7   12:10   Brooklyn Nets   RJ87 Sacramento Kings    Kawhi Leonard
1.8   12:20   Orlando Magic   Celtic Fan Forever   LA Clippers/Smartacus James Harden
1.9   12:30   Sacramento Kings Bucketgetter Brooklyn Nets   DeMarcus Cousins
1.10   12:40   Milwaukee Bucks   ChampKind   Chris Paul
1.11   12:50   Memphis Grizzlies   Evantime34   Orlando/CFF Paul George
1.12   1:00   Utah Jazz   Yoki_IsTheName   Karl Anthony Towns
1.13   1:10   New York Knicks   wdleehi   Kyrie Irving
1.14   1:20   Cleveland Cavaliers   Kane3387   Sacramento/Bucketgetter Damian Lillard
1.15   1:30   Los Angeles Lakers    Rondo2287   LaMarcus Aldridge
<< Lunch break 1:30-2:30>>            
1.16   2:40   Charlotte Hornets   KGs Knee   Al Horford
1.17   2:50   Indiana Pacers   Riah32   Jimmy Butler
1.18   3:00   Miami Heat   KG Living Legend   MISSED PICK, BPA: Kyle Lowry
1.19   3:10   Detroit Pistons   Denis998   Blake Griffin
1.20   3:20   LA Clippers/ Smartacus; Orlando/CFF   Memphis/ Evantime Klay Thompson
1.21   3:30   Philadelphia 76ers   The Walker Wiggle   Giannis Antetokounmpo
1.22   3:40   New Orleans Pelicans   Soytiz   John Wall
1.23   3:50   Golden State Warriors   Airbelinelli    (New York Knicks) Andre Drummond
1.24   4:00   San Antonio Spurs   The Rondo Show     MISSED PICK, BPA: Hassan Whiteside
1.25   4:10   Boston Celtics   pearljammer10   MISSED PICK, BPA: DeAndre Jordan
1.26   4:20   Denver Nuggets   ChillyWilly   MISSED PICK, BPA: Paul Millsap
1.27   4:30   Minnesota Timberwolves   mkogav   Isaiah Thomas
1.28   4:40   Dallas Mavericks    Gainesville Celtic   Kemba Walker
1.29   4:50   Atlanta Hawks   Celts Fan 508   DeMar DeRozan
1.30   5:00   Portland Trail Blazers   max215   Gordon Hayward
ROUND 2 (Tuesday, August 2)            
2.1   11:10   Portland Trail Blazers   max215 LA Lakers/Rondo2287   Carmelo Anthony
2.2   11:20   Atlanta Hawks   Celts Fan 508   Kristaps Porzingis
2.3   11:30   Dallas Mavericks    Gainesville Celtic   Derrick Favors
2.4   11:40   Minnesota Timberwolves   mkogav   Kevin Love
2.5   11:50   Denver Nuggets   ChillyWilly   Pau Gasol
2.6   12:00   Boston Celtics   pearljammer10   Dirk Nowitzki
2.7   12:10   San Antonio Spurs   The Rondo Show     Ben Simmons
2.8   12:20   Golden State Warriors   Airbelinelli Brooklyn/RJ87   Andrew Wiggins
2.9   12:30   New Orleans Pelicans   Soytiz   Nicolas Batum
2.10   12:40   Philadelphia 76ers   The Walker Wiggle   Danilo Gallinari
2.11   12:50   Los Angeles Clippers   Smartacus   Orlando/Celtic Fan ForeverNikola Jokic
2.12   1:00   Detroit Pistons   Denis998   C.J. McCollum
2.13   1:10   Miami Heat   KG Living Legend   MISSED PICK, BPA: Dwyane Wade
2.14   1:20   Indiana Pacers   Riah32   Rudy Gobert
2.15   1:30   Charlotte Hornets   KGs Knee   Mike Conley
<< Lunch break 1:30-2:30>>            
2.16   2:40   Los Angeles Lakers    Rondo2287 Portland/max215 Marc Gasol
2.17   2:50   Cleveland Cavaliers   Kane3387   Andre Iguodala
2.18   3:00   New York Knicks   wdleehi   Golden St./Airbelinelli    Eric Bledsoe
2.19   3:10   Utah Jazz   Yoki_IsTheName   Khris Middleton
2.20   3:20   Memphis Grizzlies   Evantime34 Detroit/Denis998 Reggie Jackson
2.21   3:30   Milwaukee Bucks   ChampKind   Dwight Howard
2.22   3:40   Sacramento Kings   Bucketgetter   Cleveland/Kane3387Serge Ibaka
2.23   3:50   Orlando Magic; Memphis Grizzlies Golden St. Warriors/ Airbelinelli Bradley Beal
2.24   4:00   Brooklyn Nets   RJ87 Golden St./Airbelinelli   Myles Turner
2.25   4:10   Phoenix Suns   BigAlTheFuture   Chris Bosh
2.26   4:20   Oklahoma City Thunder   nickagneta   Jeff Teague
2.27   4:30   Houston Rockets   Who   Goran Dragic
2.28   4:40   Chicago Bulls   snively   Ricky Rubio
2.29   4:50   Toronto Raptors   green_bballers13   Brook Lopez
2.30   5:00   Washington Wizards   DinoGanga   Jae Crowder
ROUND 3 (Wednesday, August 3)            
3.1   11:10   Portland Trail Blazers   max215   Victor Oladipo
3.2   11:20   Atlanta Hawks   Celts Fan 508 Washington/DinoG Avery Bradley
3.3   11:30   Dallas Mavericks    Gainesville Celtic Phoenix/BATF    Tristan Thompson
3.4   11:40   Minnesota Timberwolves   mkogav   JJ Redick
3.5   11:50   Denver Nuggets   ChillyWilly   Rudy Gay
3.6   12:00   Boston Celtics   pearljammer10   Tony Parker
3.7   12:10   San Antonio Spurs   The Rondo Show     Evan Fournier
3.8   12:20   Golden State Warriors; Memphis LA Lakers Jrue Holiday
3.9   12:30   New Orleans Pelicans   Soytiz   Nikola Vucevic
3.10   12:40   Philadelphia 76ers   The Walker Wiggle   Nerlens Noel
3.11   12:50   Los Angeles Clippers   Smartacus   Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
3.12   1:00   Detroit Pistons   Denis998 Memphis/Evantime   Jabari Parker
3.13   1:10   Miami Heat   KG Living Legend   Jahill Okafor
3.14   1:20   Indiana Pacers   Riah32   Harrison Barnes
3.15   1:30   Charlotte Hornets   KGs Knee   Chandler Parsons
<< Lunch break 1:30-2:30>>            
3.16   2:40   Los Angeles Lakers    Rondo2287 Portland/max215 George Hill
3.17   2:50   Cleveland Cavaliers   Kane3387   Brandon Knight
3.18   3:00   New York Knicks   wdleehi   Golden St./Airbelinelli    Justise Winslow
3.19   3:10   Utah Jazz   Yoki_IsTheName   Jonas Valanciunas
3.20   3:20   Memphis Grizzlies   Evantime34   Aaron Gordon
3.21   3:30   Milwaukee Bucks   ChampKind   Tobias Harris
3.22   3:40   Sacramento Kings   Bucketgetter   Cleveland/Kane3387D'Angelo Russell
3.23   3:50   Orlando Magic   Celtic Fan Forever   Kent Bazemore
3.24   4:00   Brooklyn Nets   RJ87 Golden St./Airbelinelli   Brandon Ingram
3.25   4:10   Phoenix Suns   BigAlTheFuture; Dallas OKC Ryan Anderson
3.26   4:20   Oklahoma City Thunder   nickagneta   Rodney Hood
3.27   4:30   Houston Rockets   Who   DeMarre Carroll
3.28   4:40   Chicago Bulls   snively   Danny Green
3.29   4:50   Toronto Raptors   green_bballers13   Marcus smart
3.30   5:00   Washington Wizards   DinoGanga    Atlanta/CFan508 Dennis Schroder
ROUND 4 (Thursday, August 4)            
4.1   11:10   Washington Wizards   DinoGanga    Atlanta/CFan508 Luol Deng
4.2   11:20   Toronto Raptors   green_bballers13 Sacramento/Bucketgetter   Marvin Williams
4.3   11:30   Chicago Bulls   snively   Markieff Morris
4.4   11:40   Houston Rockets   Who   Nikola Mirotic
4.5   11:50   Oklahoma City Thunder   nickagneta   Dallas/GC Marcin Gortat
4.6   12:00   Phoenix Suns   BigAlTheFuture   Trevor Ariza
4.7   12:10   Brooklyn Nets   RJ87 Golden St./Airbelinelli Steven Adams
4.8   12:20   Orlando Magic   Celtic Fan Forever   LA Clippers/Smartacus Enes Kanter
4.9   12:30   Sacramento Kings   Bucketgetter Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
4.10   12:40   Milwaukee Bucks   ChampKind Zach LaVine
4.11   12:50   Memphis Grizzlies Evantime34 Orlando/CFF Patrick Beverley
4.12   1:00   Utah Jazz   Yoki_IsTheName   Derrick Rose
4.13   1:10   New York Knicks   wdleehi   Marcus Morris
4.14   1:20   Cleveland Cavaliers; LA Lakers Memphis /Evantime34 Joakim Noah
4.15   1:30   Los Angeles Lakers    Rondo2287 Memphis /Evantime34   Kris Dunn
<< Lunch break 1:30-2:30>>            
4.16   2:40   Charlotte Hornets   KGs Knee   Philadelphia/TWW Devin Booker
4.17   2:50   Indiana Pacers   Riah32   Rajon Rondo
4.18   3:00   Miami Heat   KG Living Legend   Julius Randle
4.19   3:10   Detroit Pistons   Denis998 Memphis/Evantime   Tyreke Evans
4.20   3:20   Los Angeles Clippers   Smartacus   Bismack Biyombo
4.21   3:30   Philadelphia 76ers   The Walker Wiggle Charlotte/KGs Knee Otto Porter
4.22   3:40   New Orleans Pelicans   Soytiz   Will Barton
4.23   3:50   Golden State; Brooklyn Cleveland/Kane3387   Greg Monroe
4.24   4:00   San Antonio Spurs   The Rondo Show     Stanley Johnson
4.25   4:10   Boston Celtics   pearljammer10   Al-Farouq Aminu
4.26   4:20   Denver Nuggets   ChillyWilly   LA Lakers/Rondo2287 Wes Matthews
4.27   4:30   Minnesota Timberwolves   mkogav   Jamal Crawford
4.28   4:40   Dallas Mavericks Gainesville Celtic Charlotte/KGs Knee J.R. Smith
4.29   4:50   Atlanta Hawks   Celts Fan 508 Washington/DinoG Elfrid Payton
4.30   5:00   Portland Trail Blazers max215 LAL/Rondo2287 Denver/ChillyWilly Deron Williams
ROUND 5 (Friday, August 5)            
5.1   11:10   Portland Trail Blazers   max215   Thaddeus Young
5.2   11:20   Atlanta Hawks   Celts Fan 508   Lou Williams
5.3   11:30   Dallas Mavericks  Gainesville Celtic Charlotte/KGs Knee Andrew Bogut
5.4   11:40   Minnesota Timberwolves   mkogav   Robin Lopez
5.5   11:50   Denver Nuggets   ChillyWilly   Monta Ellis
5.6   12:00   Boston Celtics   pearljammer10   Jared Dudley
5.7   12:10   San Antonio Spurs   The Rondo Show     Eric Gordon
5.8   12:20   Golden State Warriors   Airbelinelli   New York/Wdleehi Shabazz Muhammad
5.9   12:30   New Orleans Pelicans   Soytiz   Jordan Clarkson
5.10   12:40   Philadelphia 76ers The Walker Wiggle Charlotte/KGs Knee Dallas/GC Zach Randolph
5.11   12:50   Los Angeles Clippers   Smartacus   Matthew Dellavedova
5.12   1:00   Detroit Pistons   Denis998   Gorgui Dieng
5.13   1:10   Miami Heat   KG Living Legend   Evan Turner
5.14   1:20   Indiana Pacers   Riah32   Kenneth Faried
5.15   1:30   Charlotte Hornets KGs Knee Philadelphia/WiggleAmir Johnson
<< Lunch break 1:30-2:30>>            
5.16   2:40   Los Angeles Lakers    Rondo2287 Cleveland/Kane3387 Joe Johnson
5.17   2:50   Cleveland Cavaliers   Kane3387   Sacramento/BucketgetterJohn Henson
5.18   3:00   New York Knicks   wdleehi   Courtney Lee
5.19   3:10   Utah Jazz   Yoki_IsTheName   Wilson Chandler
5.20   3:20   Memphis Grizzlies   Evantime34   Willie Cauley-Stein
5.21   3:30   Milwaukee Bucks   ChampKind   Oklahoma City/nickagnetaMason Plumlee
5.22   3:40   Sacramento,   Bucketgetter; Brooklyn, RJ87 Golden St./Airbelinelli    Jeremy Lin
5.23   3:50   Orlando Magic   Celtic Fan Forever Memphis/Evantime Brooklyn/RJ87 Kelly Olynyk
5.24   4:00   Brooklyn Nets   RJ87 Cleveland/Kane3387 Kyle Korver
5.25   4:10   Phoenix Suns   BigAlTheFuture Dallas/GC Charlotte/KGs Knee   Tyler Johnson
5.26   4:20   Oklahoma City Thunder   nickagneta   C.J. Miles
5.27   4:30   Houston Rockets   Who   Kyle Anderson
5.28   4:40   Chicago Bulls   snively   Clint Capela
5.29   4:50   Toronto Raptors   green_bballers13   Philadelphia/Wiggle Allen Crabbe
5.30   5:00   Washington Wizards   DinoGanga   Jusuf Nurkic
ROUND 6 (Monday Aug. 8; Morning)            
6.1   11:05   Washington Wizards   DinoGanga   Darren Collison
6.2   11:10   Toronto Raptors   green_bballers13   Bobby Portis
6.3   11:15   Chicago Bulls   snively   Iman Shumpert
6.4   11:20   Houston Rockets   Who   Gary Harris
6.5   11:25   Oklahoma City Thunder   nickagneta   Milwaukee/Champkind Arron Afflalo
6.6   11:30   Phoenix Suns   BigAlTheFuture   Tony Allen
6.7   11:35   Brooklyn Nets   RJ87   Omri Casspi
6.8   11:40   Orlando Magic   Celtic Fan Forever   Mirza Teletovic
6.9   11:45   Sacramento Kings   Bucketgetter Toronto/GB13   Jaylen Brown
6.10   11:50   Milwaukee Bucks   ChampKind   Jeff Green
6.11   11:55   Memphis Grizzlies   Evantime34 LA Lakers/Rondo2287   Zaza Pachulia
6.12   12:00   Utah Jazz   Yoki_IsTheName   Shaun Livingston
6.13   12:05   New York Knicks   wdleehi   Jared Sullinger
6.14   12:10   Cleveland Cavaliers   Kane3387   Al Jefferson
6.15   12:15   Los Angeles Lakers    Rondo2287 Cleveland/Kane3387 Thabo Sefolosha
6.16   12:20   Charlotte Hornets   KGs Knee Dallas/GC   Josh Richardson
6.17   12:25   Indiana Pacers   Riah32   Emmanuel Mudiay
6.18   12:30   Miami Heat   KG Living Legend   Jerami Grant
6.19   12:35   Detroit Pistons   Denis998   Rondae Hollis-Jefferson
6.20   12:40   Los Angeles Clippers   Smartacus   Norman Powell
6.21   12:45   Philadelphia 76ers   The Walker Wiggle Toronto/GB13   Paul Pierce
6.22   12:50   New Orleans Pelicans   Soytiz   Robert Covington
6.23   12:55   Golden State Warriors   Airbelinelli   Doug McDermott
6.24   1:00   San Antonio Spurs   The Rondo Show     Dante Exum
6.25   1:05   Boston Celtics   pearljammer10] MISSED PICK, BPA: Manu Ginobili
6.26   1:10   Denver Nuggets   ChillyWilly   Jamal Murray
6.27   1:15   Minnesota Timberwolves   mkogav   Cody Zeller
6.28   1:20   Dallas Mavericks    Gainesville Celtic Phoenix/BATF   Trey Lyles
6.29   1:25   Atlanta Hawks   Celts Fan 508   Tyson Chandler
6.30   1:30   Portland Trail Blazers   max215   Mario Hezonja
<< Lunch break 1:30-2:30>>            
ROUND 7 (Monday Aug. 8; Afternoon)            
7.1   2:35   Portland Trail Blazers   max215   Dragan Bender
7.2   2:40   Atlanta Hawks   Celts Fan 508   T.J. Warren
7.3   2:45   Dallas Mavericks    Gainesville Celtic New York/wdeelhi Buddy Hield
7.4   2:50   Minnesota Timberwolves   mkogav   Maurice Harkless
7.5   2:55   Denver Nuggets   ChillyWilly   Ed Davis
7.6   3:00   Boston Celtics   pearljammer10   Alec Burks
7.7   3:05   San Antonio Spurs   The Rondo Show     Bojan Bogdanovic
7.8   3:10   Golden State; Brooklyn Cleveland/Kane3387 Taj Gibson
7.9   3:15   New Orleans Pelicans   Soytiz   Timofey Mozgov
7.10   3:20   Philadelphia 76ers   The Walker Wiggle Toronto/GB13   Ersan Ilyasova
7.11   3:25   Los Angeles Clippers   Smartacus   Solomon Hill
7.12   3:30   Detroit Pistons   Denis998   Joel Embiid
7.13   3:35   Miami Heat   KG Living Legend   Thon Maker
7.14   3:40   Indiana Pacers   Riah32   Jonas Jerebko
7.15   3:45   Charlotte Hornets   KGs Knee   P.J. Tucker
7.16   3:50   Los Angeles Lakers    Rondo2287   J.J. Barea
7.17   3:55   Cleveland Cavaliers   Kane3387   Brandon Jennings
7.18   4:00   New York Knicks   wdleehi Dallas/GC E'Twaun Moore
7.19   4:05   Utah Jazz   Yoki_IsTheName   Quincy Pondexter
7.20   4:10   Memphis Grizzlies   Evantime34   Orlando/CFF Patty Mills
7.21   4:15   Milwaukee Bucks   ChampKind   Donatas Motiejunas
7.22   4:20   Sacramento Kings   Bucketgetter   Cleveland/Kane3387 Michael Carter-Williams
7.23   4:25   Orlando Magic   Celtic Fan Forever   Ian Mahinmi
7.24   4:30   Brooklyn, RJ87; Sacramento,   Bucketgetter; Toronto/GB13   Kevin Garnett
7.25   4:35   Phoenix Suns   BigAlTheFuture Dallas/GC   Cory Joseph
7.26   4:40   Oklahoma City Thunder   nickagneta Dallas/GC   Matt Barnes
7.27   4:45   Houston Rockets   Who   Festus Ezeli
7.28   4:50   Chicago Bulls   snively   Channing Frye
7.29   4:55   Toronto Raptors   green_bballers13   Ray Allen
7.30   5:00   Washington Wizards   DinoGanga   Seth Curry
ROUND 8 (Tuesday Aug. 9; Morning)            
8.1   11:05   Washington Wizards   DinoGanga   Meyers Leonard
8.2   11:10   Toronto Raptors   green_bballers13   Patrick Patterson
8.3   11:15   Chicago Bulls   snively   Ramon Sessions
8.4   11:20   Houston Rockets   Who   Terry Rozier
8.5   11:25   Oklahoma City Thunder   nickagneta   Leandro Barbosa
8.6   11:30   Phoenix Suns   BigAlTheFuture   Corey Brewer
8.7   11:35   Brooklyn Nets   RJ87   Jerryd Bayless
8.8   11:40   Orlando Magic   Celtic Fan Forever   Terrence Ross
8.9   11:45   Sacramento Kings   Bucketgetter   Boban Marjanovic
8.10   11:50   Milwaukee Bucks   ChampKind   Jarrett Jack
8.11   11:55   Memphis Grizzlies   Evantime34 Detroit/Denis998 Jon Leuer
8.12   12:00   Utah Jazz   Yoki_IsTheName   Mike Scott
8.13   12:05   New York Knicks   wdleehi   Marquese Chriss
8.14   12:10   Cleveland Cavaliers   Kane3387 LA Lakers/Rondo2287 Kosta Koufos
8.15   12:15   Los Angeles Lakers    Rondo2287   Dion Waiters
8.16   12:20   Charlotte Hornets   KGs Knee   Joe Ingles
8.17   12:25   Indiana Pacers   Riah32   Michael Beasley
8.18   12:30   Miami Heat   KG Living Legend   Denzel Valentine
8.19   12:35   Detroit Pistons   Denis998   
8.20   12:40   Los Angeles Clippers   Smartacus   Orlando/Celtic Fan Forever Memphis/Evantime Dario Saric
8.21   12:45   Philadelphia 76ers   The Walker Wiggle   Cameron Payne
8.22   12:50   New Orleans Pelicans   Soytiz   Terrence Jones
8.23   12:55   Golden State Warriors   Airbelinelli Memphis Grizzlies   Evantime34 Andre Roberson
8.24   1:00   San Antonio Spurs   The Rondo Show     Jakob Poeltl
8.25   1:05   Boston Celtics   pearljammer10   Alex Len
8.26   1:10   Denver Nuggets   ChillyWilly   Wesley Johnson
8.27   1:15   Minnesota Timberwolves   mkogav   Justin Anderson
8.28   1:20   Dallas Mavericks    Gainesville Celtic Phoenix/BATF   Larry Nance, Jr.
8.29   1:25   Atlanta Hawks   Celts Fan 508   Jose Calderon
8.30   1:30   Portland Trail Blazers   max215   Dewayne Dedmon
<< Lunch break 1:30-2:30>>            
ROUND 9 (Tuesday Aug. 9; Afternoon)            
9.1   2:35   Portland Trail Blazers   max215   Dwight Powell
9.2   2:40   Atlanta Hawks   Celts Fan 508   David West
9.3   2:45   Dallas Mavericks    Gainesville Celtic OKC/Nickagenta   Jeremy Lamb
9.4   2:50   Minnesota Timberwolves   mkogav   Boris Diaw
9.5   2:55   Denver Nuggets   ChillyWilly   Darrell Arthur
9.6   3:00   Boston Celtics   pearljammer10 Golden State/Airbelinelli Brandon Bass
9.7   3:05   San Antonio Spurs   The Rondo Show     Luc Richard Mbah Moute
9.8   3:10   Golden State Warriors   Airbelinelli   Gerald Henderson
9.9   3:15   New Orleans Pelicans   Soytiz   Philadelphia/The Walker Wiggle Wily Hernangomez
9.10   3:20   Philadelphia 76ers   The Walker Wiggle New Orleans/Soytiz   Jerian Grant
9.11   3:25   Los Angeles Clippers   Smartacus   Miles Plumlee
9.12   3:30   Detroit Pistons   Denis998   R.J. Hunter
9.13   3:35   Miami Heat   KG Living Legend   Domantas Sabonis
9.14   3:40   Indiana Pacers   Riah32   Austin Rivers
9.15   3:45   Charlotte Hornets   KGs Knee   Marreese Speights
9.16   3:50   Los Angeles Lakers    Rondo2287   Kevin Martin
9.17   3:55   Cleveland Cavaliers   Kane3387   Richard Jefferson
9.18   4:00   New York Knicks   wdleehi Dallas/GC   Anthony Morrow
9.19   4:05   Utah Jazz   Yoki_IsTheName   Jonathon Simmons
9.20   4:10   Memphis Grizzlies   Evantime34   Kelly Oubre
9.21   4:15   Milwaukee Bucks   ChampKind   Frank Kaminsky
9.22   4:20   Sacramento Kings   Bucketgetter   Rodney Stuckey
9.23   4:25   Orlando Magic   Celtic Fan Forever   Kyle O'Quinn
9.24   4:30   Brooklyn Nets   RJ87   Nene Hilario
9.25   4:35   Phoenix Suns   BigAlTheFuture   Trey Burke
9.26   4:40   Oklahoma City Thunder   nickagneta Milwaukee/ChampkindCole Aldrich
9.27   4:45   Houston Rockets   Who   Ben McLemore
9.28   4:50   Chicago Bulls   snively   Trevor Booker
9.29   4:55   Toronto Raptors green_bballers13 Philadelphia/Wiggle Charlotte/KGs Knee Raul Neto
9.30   5:00   Washington Wizards   DinoGanga   Sean Kilpatrick
ROUND 10 (Wednesday Aug. 10; Morning)            
10.1   11:05   Washington Wizards   DinoGanga    Atlanta/CFan508 Jordan Hill
10.2   11:10   Toronto Raptors   green_bballers13   Mike Dunleavy
10.3   11:15   Chicago Bulls   snively   Gerald Green
10.4   11:20   Houston Rockets   Who   Sergio Rodriguez
10.5   11:25   Oklahoma City Thunder   nickagneta   Brandon Rush
10.6   11:30   Phoenix Suns   BigAlTheFuture   Troy Daniels
10.7   11:35   Brooklyn Nets   RJ87   Memphis/Evantime Langston Galloway
10.8   11:40   Orlando Magic   Celtic Fan Forever   Lavoy Allen
10.9   11:45   Sacramento Kings   Bucketgetter   Wade Baldwin IV
10.10   11:50   Milwaukee Bucks   ChampKind   Lance Stephenson
10.11   11:55   Memphis Grizzlies   Evantime34   Golden State/Airbelinelli Boston/PJ10 Mo Williams
10.12   12:00   Utah Jazz   Yoki_IsTheName   David Lee
10.13   12:05   New York Knicks   wdleehi   Golden St./Airbelinelli    Josh McRoberts
10.14   12:10   Cleveland Cavaliers   Kane3387   Sacramento/Bucketgetter   Taurean Prince
10.15   12:15   Los Angeles Lakers Rondo2287 Denver/ChillyWilly PICK AT ANY TIME!
10.16   12:20   Charlotte Hornets   KGs Knee   Devin Harris
10.17   12:25   Indiana Pacers   Riah32   Omer Asik
10.18   12:30   Miami Heat   KG Living Legend   Caris LeVert
10.19   12:35   Detroit Pistons   Denis998   Lance Thomas
10.20   12:40   Los Angeles Clippers   Smartacus   Marco Belinelli
10.21   12:45   Philadelphia 76ers   The Walker Wiggle   Sam Dekker
10.22   12:50   New Orleans Pelicans   Soytiz   Luis Scola
10.23   12:55   Golden State Warriors   Airbelinelli/Boston PJ10   Roy Hibbert
10.24   1:00   San Antonio Spurs   The Rondo Show     Thomas Robinson
10.25   1:05   Boston Celtics   pearljammer10   JaMychal Green
10.26   1:10   Denver Nuggets ChillyWilly   PICK AT ANY TIME!
10.27   1:15   Minnesota Timberwolves   mkogav   Jason Smith
10.28   1:20   Dallas Mavericks    Gainesville Celtic NY Knicks/Wdleehi Vince Carter
10.29   1:25   Atlanta Hawks   Celts Fan 508   Luke Babbitt
10.30   1:30   Portland Trail Blazers   max215   Mario Chalmers
<< Lunch break 1:30-2:30>>            
ROUND 11 (Wednesday Aug. 10; Afternoon)            
11.1   2:35   Portland Trail Blazers   max215   Timothe Luwawu
11.2   2:40   Atlanta Hawks   Celts Fan 508   Isaiah Canaan
11.3   2:45   Dallas Mavericks    Gainesville Celtic   Aron Baynes
11.4   2:50   Minnesota Timberwolves   mkogav   Shelvin Mack
11.5   2:55   Denver Nuggets ChillyWilly LA Lakers/Rondo2287   Raymond Felton
11.6   3:00   Boston Celtics   pearljammer10   Tony Snell
11.7   3:05   San Antonio Spurs   The Rondo Show     DeAndre Bembry
11.8   3:10   Golden State Warriors   Airbelinelli   New York/Wdleehi Tyler Zeller
11.9   3:15   New Orleans Pelicans   Soytiz   Justin Hamilton
11.10   3:20   Philadelphia 76ers   The Walker Wiggle   Alex Abrines
11.11   3:25   Los Angeles Clippers   Smartacus   Alexis Ajinca
11.12   3:30   Detroit Pistons   Denis998   Tim Hardaway Jr
11.13   3:35   Miami Heat   KG Living Legend   Henry Ellenson
11.14   3:40   Indiana Pacers   Riah32   Malachi Richardson
11.15   3:45   Charlotte Hornets   KGs Knee   Cristiano Felicio
11.16   3:50   Los Angeles Lakers    Rondo2287   Tyus Jones
11.17   3:55   Cleveland Cavaliers   Kane3387 LA Lakers/Rondo2287 Jameer Nelson
11.18   4:00   New York Knicks   wdleehi   Norris Cole
11.19   4:05   Utah Jazz   Yoki_IsTheName   Ty Lawson
11.20   4:10   Memphis Grizzlies   Evantime34   Noah Vonleh
11.21   4:15   Milwaukee Bucks   ChampKind   Shane Larkin
11.22   4:20   Sacramento Kings   Bucketgetter Toronto/GB13   James Johnson
11.23   4:25   Orlando Magic   Celtic Fan Forever   Memphis/Evantime Garrett Temple
11.24   4:30   Brooklyn Nets   RJ87   Greivis Vasquez
11.25   4:35   Phoenix Suns   BigAlTheFuture   Joffrey Lauvergne
11.26   4:40   Oklahoma City Thunder   nickagneta   Brandan Wright
11.27   4:45   Houston Rockets   Who   Tiago Splitter
11.28   4:50   Chicago Bulls   snively   Salah Mejri
11.29   4:55   Toronto Raptors   green_bballers13   Carl Landry
11.30   5:00   Washington Wizards   DinoGanga   Derrick Williams
ROUND 12 (Thursday Aug. 11; Morning)            
12.1   11:05   Washington Wizards   DinoGanga   Tim Frazier
12.2   11:10   Toronto Raptors   green_bballers13 Sacramento/Bucketgetter   Andrew Nicholson
12.3   11:15   Chicago Bulls   snively   Hollis Thompson
12.4   11:20   Houston Rockets   Who   Kyle Singler
12.5   11:25   Oklahoma City Thunder   nickagneta   Alonzo Gee
12.6   11:30   Phoenix Suns   BigAlTheFuture   Justin Holiday
12.7   11:35   Brooklyn Nets   RJ87   Nik Stauskas
12.8   11:40   Orlando Magic   Celtic Fan Forever   Gary Neal
12.9   11:45   Sacramento Kings   Bucketgetter   D.J. Augustin
12.10   11:50   Milwaukee Bucks   ChampKind   JaVale McGee
12.11   11:55   Memphis Grizzlies   Evantime34   Aaron Brooks
12.12   12:00   Utah Jazz   Yoki_IsTheName   Josh Smith
12.13   12:05   New York Knicks   wdleehi   Tayshaun Prince
12.14   12:10   Cleveland Cavaliers   Kane3387   Sacramento/Bucketgetter Jeff Withey
12.15   12:15   Los Angeles Lakers    Rondo2287   Tayshaun Prince
12.16   12:20   Charlotte Hornets KGs Knee Philadelphia/Wiggle   Nemanja Bjelica
12.17   12:25   Indiana Pacers   Riah32   Jodie Meeks
12.18   12:30   Miami Heat   KG Living Legend   Ivica Zubac
12.19   12:35   Detroit Pistons   Denis998   Spencer Hawes
12.20   12:40   Los Angeles Clippers   Smartacus   Tomas Satoransky
12.21   12:45   Philadelphia 76ers   The Walker Wiggle   Dorell Wright
12.22   12:50   New Orleans Pelicans   Soytiz   Mindaugas Kuzminskas
12.23   12:55   Golden State Warriors   Airbelinelli Brooklyn/RJ87   Kris Humphries
12.24   1:00   San Antonio Spurs   The Rondo Show     Guerschon Yabusele
12.25   1:05   Boston Celtics   pearljammer10   K.J. McDaniels
12.26   1:10   Denver Nuggets   ChillyWilly   PICK AT ANY TIME!
12.27   1:15   Minnesota Timberwolves   mkogav   Willie Reed
12.28   1:20   Dallas Mavericks    Gainesville Celtic   Richaun Holmes
12.29   1:25   Atlanta Hawks   Celts Fan 508 Washington/DinoG J.J. Hickson
12.30   1:30   Portland Trail Blazers   max215   Alan Anderson
<< Lunch break 1:30-2:30>>            
ROUND 13 (Thursday Aug. 11; Afternoon)            
13.1   2:35   Portland Trail Blazers   max215   Jordan McRae
13.2   2:40   Atlanta Hawks   Celts Fan 508   Malcolm Brogdon
13.3   2:45   Dallas Mavericks    Gainesville Celtic   T.J. McConnell
13.4   2:50   Minnesota Timberwolves   mkogav   Wayne Ellington
13.5   2:55   Denver Nuggets   ChillyWilly   PICK AT ANY TIME!
13.6   3:00   Boston Celtics   pearljammer10   Golden State AirbelinelliQuincy Acy
13.7   3:05   San Antonio Spurs   The Rondo Show     Georges Niang
13.8   3:10   Golden State Warriors   Airbelinelli   Juan Hernangomez
13.9   3:15   New Orleans Pelicans   Soytiz   Tony Wroten
13.10   3:20   Philadelphia 76ers   The Walker Wiggle   DeJounte Murray
13.11   3:25   Los Angeles Clippers   Smartacus   Malik Beasley
13.12   3:30   Detroit Pistons   Denis998   Montrezl Harrell
13.13   3:35   Miami Heat   KG Living Legend   Furkan Kormaz
13.14   3:40   Indiana Pacers   Riah32   Rashad Vaughn
13.15   3:45   Charlotte Hornets   KGs Knee   Marcelihno Huertas
13.16   3:50   Los Angeles Lakers    Rondo2287 Cleveland/Kane3387 Udonis Haslem
13.17   3:55   Cleveland Cavaliers   Kane3387   Brooklyn/RJ87 Deyonta Davis
13.18   4:00   New York Knicks   wdleehi   Livio Jean-Charles
13.19   4:05   Utah Jazz   Yoki_IsTheName   Anderson Varejao
13.20   4:10   Memphis Grizzlies   Evantime34 Orlando/Celtic Fan Forever   Toney Douglas
13.21   4:15   Milwaukee Bucks   ChampKind   Nick Young
13.22   4:20   Sacramento; Cleveland Brooklyn/RJ87 Skal Labissičre
13.23   4:25   Orlando Magic   Celtic Fan Forever   Chris Andersen
13.24   4:30   Brooklyn Nets   RJ87   Demetrius Jackson
13.25   4:35   Phoenix Suns   BigAlTheFuture   Mike Muscala
13.26   4:40   Oklahoma City Thunder   nickagneta   Brian Roberts
13.27   4:45   Houston Rockets   Who   Anthony Tolliver
13.28   4:50   Chicago Bulls   snively   C.J. Watson
13.29   4:55   Toronto Raptors   green_bballers13   Kay Felder
13.30   5:00   Washington Wizards   DinoGanga   Nikola Pekovic
ROUND 14 (Friday Aug. 12; Morning)            
14.1   11:05   Washington Wizards   DinoGanga   Marcus Thornton
14.2   11:10   Toronto Raptors   green_bballers13 Sacramento/Bucketgetter   James Jones
14.3   11:15   Chicago Bulls   snively   Paul Zipser
14.4   11:20   Houston Rockets   Who   Reggie Bullock
14.5   11:25   Oklahoma City Thunder   nickagneta   Jason Thompson
14.6   11:30   Phoenix Suns   BigAlTheFuture   Archie Goodwin
14.7   11:35   Brooklyn Nets   RJ87   Chase Budinger
14.8   11:40   Orlando Magic   Celtic Fan Forever   Jordan Mickey
14.9   11:45   Sacramento Kings   Bucketgetter   Charlie Villanueva
14.10   11:50   Milwaukee Bucks   ChampKind   Oklahoma City/nickagnetaDante Cunningham
14.11   11:55   Memphis Grizzlies   Evantime34 Orlando/Celtic Fan Forever   Ian Clark
14.12   12:00   Utah Jazz   Yoki_IsTheName   James Ennis
14.13   12:05   New York Knicks   wdleehi   Tyler Ulis
14.14   12:10   Cleveland Cavaliers   Kane3387   Kirk Hinrich
14.15   12:15   Los Angeles Lakers    Rondo2287   PICK AT ANY TIME!
14.16   12:20   Charlotte Hornets   KGs Knee   PICK AT ANY TIME!
14.17   12:25   Indiana Pacers   Riah32   PICK AT ANY TIME!
14.18   12:30   Miami Heat   KG Living Legend   Damian Jones
14.19   12:35   Detroit Pistons   Denis998   Brice Johnson
14.20   12:40   Los Angeles Clippers   Smartacus   PICK AT ANY TIME!
14.21   12:45   Philadelphia 76ers   The Walker Wiggle   Chris McCullough
14.22   12:50   New Orleans Pelicans   Soytiz   Malcolm Delaney
14.23   12:55   Golden State Warriors   Airbelinelli   Glenn Robinson III
14.24   1:00   San Antonio Spurs   The Rondo Show     PICK AT ANY TIME!
14.25   1:05   Boston Celtics   pearljammer10   Shabazz Napier
14.26   1:10   Denver Nuggets   ChillyWilly   PICK AT ANY TIME!
14.27   1:15   Minnesota Timberwolves   mkogav   Randy Foye
14.28   1:20   Dallas Mavericks    Gainesville Celtic   
14.29   1:25   Atlanta Hawks   Celts Fan 508   
14.30   1:30   Portland Trail Blazers   max215   


ROUND A: Draft Slot         
A-1   11:10   snively   #3 pick
A-2   11:20   DinoGanga   #1 pick
A-3   11:30   green_bballers13   #2 pick
A-4   11:40   Who   #4 pick
A-5   11:50   nickagneta   #5 pick
A-6   12:00   BigAlTheFuture   #6 pick
A-7   12:10   RJ87   #7 pick
A-8   12:20   Celtic Fan Forever   #8 pick
A-9   12:30   Bucketgetter   #9 pick
A-10   12:40   ChampKind   #10 pick
A-11   12:50   Evantime34   #11 pick
A-12   1:00   Yoki_IsTheName   #12 pick
A-13   1:10   wdleehi   #13 pick
A-14   1:20   Kane3387   #14 pick
A-15   1:30   Rondo2287   #15 pick
A-16   1:40   KGs Knee   #16 pick
A-17   1:50   Riah32   #17 pick
A-18   2:00   KG Living Legend   #18 pick
A-19   2:10   Denis998   #19 pick
A-20   2:20   Smartacus   #20 pick
A-21   2:30   The Walker Wiggle   #21 pick
A-22   2:40   max215   #30 pick
A-23   2:50   Soytiz   #22 pick
A-24   3:00   Celts Fan 508   #29 pick
A-25   3:10   Gainesville Celtic   #28 pick
A-26   3:20   Airbelinelli   #23 pick
A-27   3:30   mkogav   #27 pick
A-28   3:40   The Rondo Show   #24 pick
A-29   3:50   pearljammer10   #25 pick
A-30   4:00   ChillyWilly   #26 pick

ROUND B: Team + Coach combo         
B-1   11:10   ChillyWilly   Denver Nuggets / Mike Malone
B-2   11:20   pearljammer10   Boston Celtics / Brad Stevens
B-3   11:30   The Rondo Show   San Antonio Spurs / Gregg Popovich
B-4   11:40   mkogav   Minnesota Timberwolves / Tom Thibodeau
B-5   11:50   Airbelinelli   Golden State Warriors / Steve Kerr
B-6   12:00   Gainesville Celtic   Dallas Mavericks / Rick Carlisle
B-7   12:10   Celts Fan 508   Atlanta Hawks / Mike Budenholzer
B-8   12:20   Soytiz   PICK ANY TIME
B-9   12:30   max215   Portland Trail Blazers / Terry Stotts
B-10   12:40   The Walker Wiggle   Philadelphia 76ers / Brett Brown
B-11   12:50   Smartacus   Los Angeles Clippers / Doc Rivers
B-12   1:00   Denis998   Detroit Pistons / Stan Van Gundy
B-13   1:10   KG Living Legend   Miami Heat / Erik Spoelstra
B-14   1:20   Riah32   Indiana Pacers / Nate McMillan
B-15   1:30   KGs Knee   Charlotte Hornets / Steve Clifford
B-16   1:40   Rondo2287   Los Angeles Lakers / Luke Walton
B-17   1:50   Kane3387   Cleveland Cavaliers / Tyronn Lue
B-18   2:00   wdleehi   New York Knicks / Jeff Hornacek
B-19   2:10   Yoki_IsTheName   Utah Jazz / Quin Snyder
B-20   2:20   Evantime34   Memphis Grizzlies / David Fizdale
B-21   2:30   ChampKind   Milwaukee Bucks / Jason Kidd
B-22   2:40   Bucketgetter   Sacramento Kings / Dave Joerger
B-23   2:50   Celtic Fan Forever   Orlando Magic / Frank Vogel
B-24   3:00   RJ87    Brooklyn Nets / Kenny Atkinson
B-25   3:10   BigAlTheFuture   Phoenix Suns / Earl Watson
B-26   3:20   nickagneta   Oklahoma City Thunder / Billy Donovan
B-27   3:30   Who   Houston Rockets/ Mike D'Antoni
B-28   3:40   green_bballers13   Toronto Raptors / Dwane Casey
B-29   3:50   DinoGanga   Washington Wizards / Scott Brooks
B-30   4:00   snively   Chicago Bulls / Fred Hoiberg

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Re: 2016 CB Draft: Rules, GMs & Draft Board
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NOTE: to participate in CB Draft you MUST (1) read the rules and (2) PM Gainesville Celtic that you agree to the rules.

No one is forcing anyone to be a part of this draft. But if you are going to be in it there is a reasonable expectation that you will (a) follow the rules that we’ve collectively decided on and (b) communicate with the commissioner if you have a question, issue or problem with the league, rules, another GM, etc.

Every GM has a different level of involvement in this draft. The rules we’ve put together aren’t to make it more difficult, but rather to allow 30 different meatheads with differing levels of commitment, from all over the country/world, of different ages, different temperaments, differing access to a computer during the day, etc. to coexist and have a kick-butt league.

Hyper-competitive nonsense will not be tolerated.

Welcome back to the something-th annual Celticsblog NBA Draft — an inherently subjective awesome mess on this corner of the internet.

I. Overview
This is a 30-team draft where all NBA players are dumped into a talent pool and owners select their teams from scratch. After building a team, each GM will present their team via a press conference.

Voting will then determine playoff participants and the winners of each playoff matchup.

Following that, there will be votes conducted in a a couple of other of superlative categories such as "Best Win-Now Team" and "Team of the Future".

Gainesville Celtic will serve as Commissioner (and would love an assistant commish!)

II. Schedule (Aug. 15-25 poss. subject to minor changes)

July 26 - Lottery
July 27 - Round A: Draft Slot
July 28 - Round B: Team/Coach combo

August 1-5 - Draft, rounds 1-5
Aug 8-12 - Draft, rounds 6-14

(Aug 13-14 You should be writing your press conference)

Aug 15-17 - Press Conferences
Aug 18 - Voting
Aug 19 - Western Conf. Playoff 1st round
Aug 22 - Eastern Conf. Playoff 2nd round
Aug 23 - Conference semifinals (East & West)
Aug 24 - Conference finals (East & West)
Aug 25 - CBD Finals & superlatives

III. Drafting

1. A lottery drawing will be held via The order GMs sign-off on the rules will be the basis for the drawing.

To avoid any hint of monkey business, the commish has made himself ineligible for the top 3 spots in the lottery. Should he finish there, he'll drop to the 4th slot and the GMs below will skip ahead of him.

2. The lottery will determine the order of Round A and B which will be snake rounds (i.e. 1->30 for Round A, 30->1 for Round B)

3. Round A will be to select draft slot. The winner of the lottery will get to choose what pick they want in the first round (and associated picks in successive rounds, see #4 below). They can choose the first overall pick, the 30th pick or any in between. The person with the 2nd pick can choose any pick in the first round (and associated later picks) other than the pick previously chosen, and so on. The 30th pick will get the remaining open pick in the 1st round.

4. Round B will be to select team/coach combos (i.e. Boston Celtics & Brad Stevens; Cavs & Ty Lue, etc...). The person who picked 30th in Round A above, will pick first in Round B and so on. The person who picked 1st in Round A will get the last unchosen team/coach in Round B.

5. You may not move or rename the team you chose in Round B. You may not fire you head coach, you may add one associate coach during the weekend of Aug 6-7.

6. The player draft will start on Monday, August 1st @ 11:00am EST and there will be a 10 minute interval before picks in Rounds 1-5; 5 minutes between picks in Rounds 6-14.

7. Each day there will be a morning draft session and an afternoon session with a 1 hour break between sessions.

8. The draft is done in a modified snake:

Round 1: 1—>30
Round 2: 30—>1
Round 3: 30—>1
Round 4: 1—>30
Round 5: 30—>1

Rounds 6-14 alternate like Rounds 4/5

9. To draft a player, post the player you pick in bold and red. You can include any additional nonsense you want but make sure the player’s name is inbold and red (so folks hopping in just before their pick can see who’s been drafted):

With the 17th pick of the first round the Boston Celtics select Acie Earl, PF.

I couldn’t believe a talent like this was still on the board this late.

10. If you are unable to make a selection, you can ask another poster to make the pick for you with a list. Please notify the Commish. The proxy is bound by the same rules of when pick can be made, etc. (Best practice is to give the proxy an ordered list with enough names to choose from. I.E. if you have the 8th pick of the day, don’t give them 2 names.)

11. Do not edit posts with picks once you’ve made a pick.

12. Please do not mention the names of players not yet taken in the draft thread.

13. The original post of the 2016 CB Draft thread will have a complete list of the draft days, picks and times. The time listed is when your pick is due. Celticsblog post timestamps are the official times used.

14. If a GM picks before his assigned deadline, the next GM can pick early, but is not required to.

15. If you miss a pick in the first two rounds the Commissioner will pick the best player available at his discretion and begin actively searching for a new GM for the team. In the event that a replacement owner cannot be found, the Commissioner will take over drafting duties until one is found.

16. If you miss a pick in the 3rd through 13th rounds you will be passed over and others may pick ahead of you as detailed in #15 above. You are free to pick at any time. If by the start of the next round you still haven't made your selection the Commish will again select the best player available at his discretion and a new GM will be found for your team.

(a) If you're pick is listed as 11:20 am, then you have until 11:19:59 am to make your pick.

(b) If the person before you has a pick listed as due by 11:10 am, and makes the pick at 11:02, you can make your pick right away — but are not required to. No matter how much time (due to consecutive early picks) you have before your pick you never have to make your pick before your allotted time.

(c) If the pick before you is due at 11:30 am, and it is now 11:30:01 you may: (a) during rounds 1 & 2 make a pick as soon as the Commish makes the best player available pick, or (b) during rounds 3-14, make your pick immediately.

17. The Commish may, at his discretion, open the following day’s round early, though will not do so any earlier than 8pm the night before. Rule #14 is obviously still in effect.

IV. Trades

1. All teams are allowed one trade before the draft.  Once the draft begins, teams are unhooked in terms of trades.

2. All trades must be sent to the Commissioner for final approval. PMs MUST BE SENT FROM ALL PARTIES INVOLVED confirming they want the trade to occur. If you have a Co-GM, each Co-GM considered equal and may send PMs about trades for approval.

3. The Commish makes no promise to be able to approve all trades by the time of the pick. GMs should be willing to draft for the trade partner and send the deal in. Do not hold up the draft waiting for the Commish's office.

As the 3rd round starts, Gainesville Celtic and Lucky17 are negotiating a trade.

GC’s 3.4 pick is due at 11:40 am, but they don’t finalize the deal and send it in until 11:33.

Rather than gambling that the commish receives and reads both PMs, verifies the players/picks involved AND posts the trade all before the pick is due, Lucky17 should (as part of trade discussions involving pick almost or on the clock) tell GC, via PM, who he intends to pick and GC should make the pick for L17.

Summing up:

Right: GC posts...
“With pick #3.4 Orlando Magics select Dana Barros. This player is rumored to be on the move.”

Wrong: Before the trade has been officially announced, L17 posts...
“GC and I have made a trade but the commish is being slow, so i’m just gonna pick Dana Barros b/c it’s who i would have picked anyways.”

4. Teams are not to send a 2nd trade agreement to the Commish until the previous deal has been closed.

5. The Commissioner has the power to veto any trade at his own discretion. Trade proposals seen as detrimental to the competitiveness of the league may be rejected. We hope this need not be exercised. However, the Commish will listen to justifying cases from both owners if a trade is in question.

6. Trades may involve trade picks and/or players.  Owners may also include "cash considerations" in the form of Tommy Points.  However, the cap on Tommy Points in any transaction is 5.

V. Press Conferences

1. After the draft each team will, on a day assigned to their division, post a press conference introducing their final team, describing why they put the roster together that way and any other salient or extraneous info. Here are just a few examples from the 2013 CB Draft:

Houston Rockets' 2013 CB Draft presser (by BigAltheFuture)
Atlanta Hawks' 2013 CB Draft presser (by Champkind)
Cleveland Cavs 2013 CB Draft presser (by AB_Celtic)

2. For each playoff matchup, teams will link or quote their original press conference and make a brief (i.e. a few hundred words or so) explanation of why they will beat the other team. Teams can rebut their opponents once. NO back and forth arguing please. They can answer as many questions from opposing GMs as posed.

VII. Playoffs: Voting and Tiebreakers

1. At the end of the draft we will be holding votes for a variety of categories. Votes will be posted publicly after the polls have closed.

2. Voting for the 8 playoff seeds in each conference will be run according to the following system. Voting will occur via Google Forms (link to come):
-- After all the press conferences are finished we will hold the regular season vote. Voting will open to all Celticsblog members and will be handled by PM. Each ballot will rank all 15 teams in each conference — EXCEPT YOUR OWN TEAM — according to predicted order of finish in the standings. Division leaders need not be placed in the top three slots, instead we will use the actual NBA seeding rules to determine our playoff match ups.

-- Home court advantage between the conferences will be determined in the Finals by comparing the two Finalist teams total points from the regular season standings. The tie-breaker for this will also be median vote, and then successive elimination of the high and the low votes each team received. After each elimination the total points will be looked at until their is no tie.

3. In the case of a tie in the regular season voting the first tie breaker will be the median vote score between the tied teams. The second tiebreaker will be removing the high and the low vote and then recalculating total points. This process will be repeated till any ties are broken.

4. Playoff voting will occur in the Playoff thread and is open to all CB forum posters. In the case of a tie in the voting of a playoff series the team with HCA will advance. Home court is very important and provides a significant advantage in the playoffs, receiving the tie-break will reflect this for our game.

5. In the case of teams having Co-GMs each team will only receive one vote for playoff seeding. If you both send in ballots they will both be disregarded.

6. Any attempt to create dummy accounts or otherwise inflate vote totals with inactive accounts will not be tolerated.

VIII. The small print

1. You are a GM of a real NBA team.  It is your job to run it like a real NBA team.

1B. During the CB Draft many GMs find it useful to change their avatar's to their CB Draft team's logo and to put their players/picks in their signature.

2. Any behavior that proves disruptive can result in the expulsion of an owner and may result in suspension or banishment from future Celticsblog drafts.  Also, any behavior that violates CelticsBlogs's Rules & Posting Guidelines will still be enforced.

3. Commish has a life outside of the CB Draft.  Therefore, don't expect much work from me on weekends and I may not always be available on nights.

4. In order for a player to be eligible to be drafted, the player must be an active NBA player, an active NBDL player, or an active overseas player.  High school and college players are ineligible to be drafted.  Retired players are eligible to be drafted if there is recent indication that the player is contemplating a return to either the NBA, NBDL, or an overseas league.  This can be achieved by illustrating news dated within the past 60 days.  If you wish to draft a retired player and there is no recent news, you can still appeal the player to the Commissioner for review.

5. In regards to overseas players, it should be noted that you are drafting the "rights" to that player, however, if they are under contract to a team in a foreign league, then they're staying there unless real news can be provided illustrating a buy-out is in the works. (Same 60 day rule from retired player rule applies here)

6. Have fun. Don't take it too seriously.
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Re: 2016 CB Draft: Rules, GMs & Draft Board
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reserved (GMs + rosters)

GMs who've confirmed & agreed to the rules (in order of rules sign-off):


Dallas Mavericks Gainesville Celtic
Houston Rockets Who
Memphis Grizzlies Evantime34
New Orleans Pelicans Soytiz
San Antonio Spurs The Rondo Show

Denver Nuggets ChillyWilly
Minnesota Timberwolves mkogav
Oklahoma City Thunder nickagneta
Portland Trail Blazers max215
Utah Jazz Yoki_IsTheName

Golden State Warriors Airbelinelli
Los Angeles Clippers Smartacus
Los Angeles Lakers Rondo2287
Phoenix Suns BigAlTheFuture
Sacramento Kings Bucketgetter


Boston Celtics pearljammer10
Brooklyn Nets  RJ87
New York Knicks wdleehi
Philadelphia 76ers The Walker Wiggle
Toronto Raptors green_bballers13

Atlanta Hawks Celts Fan 508
Charlotte Hornets KGs Knee
Miami Heat dreamgreen
Orlando Magic Celtic Fan Forever
Washington Wizards DinoGanga

Chicago Bulls snively
Cleveland Cavaliers Kane3387
Detroit Pistons Denis998
Indiana Pacers Riah32
Milwaukee Bucks ChampKind

1st Alternate: ChillyWilly
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Re: 2016 CB Draft: Rules, GMs & Draft Board
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RJ87 trades 1.7 and 7.24
Bucketgetter trades 1.9, 5.22 and 2TPs

Sacramento Kings trade 2.22, 3.22, 7.22, 13.22
Cleveland Cavs trade 1.14, 5.17, 10.14, 12.14

Magic trade: 1.8 and 4.8
Clippers trade: 1.20, 2.11, and 8.20

Orlando trades 1.20 and 2.23
Memphis trades Paul George, 4.11 and 7.20

Golden St. trades Andre Drummond, 5.8, 11.8
NY Knicks  trade 2.18, 3.18, 10.13

Philly trades 6.21 and 7.10
Toronto trades 5.29 and 9.29

Sacramento trades 6.9, 7.24, and 11.22
Toronto trades 4.2, 12.2, and 14.2

Portland trades 2.1 and 4.30
LA Lakers trade 2.16 and 3.16

Brooklyn Nets trade 2.24, 3.24, 4.7, 5.22
Golden State Warriors trade 2.8, 4.23, 7.8, 12.23, 2 TPs

Detroit sends 3.12 and 4.19
Memphis send 2.20 and 8.11

LA Lakers trade  5.16, 6.15, 13.16
Cleveland trades  4.14, 8.14, 11.17

Memphis trades Bradley Beal, 10.11
Golden St. trades 3.08 and 8.23

Washington Wizards trade 3.30, 4.1, 10.1
Atlanta trades 3.2, 4.29, and 12.29

Dallas trades Tristan Thompson, 6.28, 8.28
Phoenix trades 3.25, 5.25, 7.25

Charlotte Hornets send Devin Booker, 5.15 and 12.16
Philadelphia 76ers send 4.21, 5.10, and 9.29.

Memphis sends Tyreke Evans, 13.20, 14.11
Orlando sends 5.23, 8.20, 11.23

LAL trade 4.30, 10.15
Den trade Wes Matthews, 11.5

Charlotte trades Otto Porter, 5.10, 6.16
Dallas trades JR Smith, 5.3, 5.25

Milwaukee sends Mason Plumlee and 14.10
Oklahoma City sends 6.5 and 9.26

Memphis sends Kris Dunn and Kelly Olynyk
Brooklyn sends D'Angelo Russell and 10.7

Dallas trades Buddy Hield, 10.28
NY Knicks trade 7.18, 9.18

Boston sends: 9.6  13.6
GSW sends 10.11, 10.23

Oklahoma City trades Brandan Wright
Houston trades Tiago Splitter

Golden State sends: Brandon Bass
Charlotte sends: Cristiano Felicio, Devin Harris
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Re: 2016 CB Draft: Rules, GMs & Draft Board
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This list was updated after the 7th Round. Available players are listed first; Drafted players at the end.

It's your responsibility to follow along to see who's been taken.

A. J. Hammons
Aaron Brooks
Aaron Harrison
Abdel Nader
Adreian Payne
Alan Anderson
Alan Williams
Alex Len
Alex Stepheson
Alexis Ajinca
Alonzo Gee
Anderson Varejao
Andre Roberson
Andrea Bargnani
Andrew Goudelock
Andrew Nicholson
Ante Zizic
Anthony Bennett
Anthony Brown
Anthony Morrow
Anthony Tolliver
Archie Goodwin
Aron Baynes
Austin Rivers
Axel Toupane
Ben Bentil
Ben McLemore
Beno Udrih
Boban Marjanovic
Boris Diaw
Brandan Wright
Branden Dawson
Brandon Bass
Brandon Rush
Brian Roberts
Briante Weber
Brice Johnson
Bryce Cotton
C.J. Watson
C.J. Wilcox
Cameron Bairstow
Cameron Payne
Caris LeVert
Carl Landry
Caron Butler
Charlie Villanueva
Chase Budinger
Cheick Diallo
Chinanu Onuaku
Chris Andersen
Chris Copeland
Chris Johnson
Chris Kaman
Chris McCullough
Christian Wood
Chuck Hayes
Cleanthony Early
Cliff Alexander
Cole Aldrich
Corey Brewer
Cory Jefferson
Coty Clarke
Cristiano Felicio
D.J. Augustin
Dahntay Jones
Damian Jones
Damien Inglis
Damjan Rudez
Daniel Hamilton
Dante Cunningham
Darrell Arthur
Darrun Hilliard
David Lee
David Michineau
David West
DeAndre' Bembry
Dejounte Murray
DeJuan Blair
Delon Wright
Demetrius Jackson
Denzel Valentine
Derrick Williams
Devin Harris
Devyn Marble
Dewayne Dedmon
Deyonta Davis
Diamond Stone
Dion Waiters
Domantas Sabonis
Donald Sloan
Drew Gooden
Duje Dukan
Dwight Powell
Elijah Millsap
Elliot Williams
Elton Brand
Eric Moreland
Erick Green
Frank Kaminsky
Furkan Korkmaz
Garrett Temple
Gary Neal
Georges Niang
Georgios Papagiannis
Gerald Green
Gerald Henderson
Glenn Robinson
Greg Smith
Greivis Vasquez
Guerschon Yabusele
Henry Ellenson
Henry Sims
Hollis Thompson
Ian Clark
Isaia Cordinier
Isaiah Canaan
Isaiah Cousins
Isaiah Whitehead
Ish Smith
Ivica Zubac
J.J. Hickson
J.J. O'Brien
JaKarr Sampson
Jake Layman
Jakob Poeltl
Jameer Nelson
James Ennis
James Johnson
James Jones
James Michael McAdoo
James Young
JaMychal Green
Jared Cunningham
Jarell Eddie
Jarell Martin
Jarnell Stokes
Jarrett Jack
Jason Smith
Jason Terry
Jason Thompson
JaVale McGee
Jeff Ayres
Jeff Withey
Jeremy Evans
Jeremy Lamb
Jerian Grant
Jerryd Bayless
Jimmer Fredette
Jodie Meeks
Joe Harris
Joe Ingles
Joel Anthony
Joel Bolomboy
Joffrey Lauvergne
John Jenkins
Johnny O'Bryant
Jon Leuer
Jonathon Simmons
Jordan Adams
Jordan Farmar
Jordan Hamilton
Jordan Hill
Jordan McRae
Jordan Mickey
Jorge Gutierrez
Jose Calderon
Joseph Young
Josh Huestis
Josh McRoberts
Josh Smith
Juan Hernangomez
Justin Anderson
Justin Harper
Justin Holiday
K.J. McDaniels
Kay Felder
Kelly Oubre
Kendall Marshall
Kendrick Perkins
Kevin Martin
Kevin Seraphin
Kevon Looney
Kirk Hinrich
Kosta Koufos
Kostas Papanikolaou
Kris Humphries
Kyle O'Quinn
Kyle Singler
Lamar Patterson
Lance Stephenson
Lance Thomas
Langston Galloway
Larry Nance Jr.
Lavoy Allen
Leandro Barbosa
Lorenzo Brown
Lou Amundson
Luc Mbah a Moute
Lucas Nogueira
Luis Scola
Luke Babbitt
Malachi Richardson
Malcolm Brogdon
Malik Beasley
Marcelo Huertas
Marco Belinelli
Marcus Paige
Marcus Thornton
Mario Chalmers
Markel Brown
Marquese Chriss
Marreese Speights
Matt Bonner
Metta World Peace
Meyers Leonard
Michael Beasley
Michael Gbinije
Mike Dunleavy
Mike Miller
Mike Muscala
Mike Scott
Miles Plumlee
Mitch McGary
Mo Williams
Montrezl Harrell
Nate Robinson
Nazr Mohammed
Nemanja Bjelica
Nene Hilario
Nick Collison
Nick Young
Nik Stauskas
Nikola Pekovic
Noah Vonleh
Norris Cole
O.J. Mayo
Omer Asik
Orlando Johnson
P.J. Hairston
Pablo Prigioni
Pascal Siakam
Pat Connaughton
Patrick McCaw
Patrick Patterson
Paul Zipser
Petr Cornelie
Phil Pressey
Quincy Acy
R.J. Hunter
Rade Zagorac
Ramon Sessions
Randy Foye
Rashad Vaughn
Rasual Butler
Raul Neto
Ray McCallum
Raymond Felton
Reggie Bullock
Richard Jefferson
Richaun Holmes
Robert Sacre
Rodney Stuckey
Ronnie Price
Roy Hibbert
Russ Smith
Ryan Hollins
Ryan Kelly
Salah Mejri
Sasha Kaun
Sasha Vujacic
Sean Kilpatrick
Sergey Karasev
Seth Curry
Shabazz Napier
Shane Larkin
Shayne Whittington
Shelvin Mack
Skal Labissičre
Sonny Weems
Spencer Dinwiddie
Spencer Hawes
Stephen Zimmerman
Steve Blake
Steve Novak
T.J. McConnell
Tarik Black
Taurean Prince
Tayshaun Prince
Terrence Jones
Terrence Ross
Terry Rozier
Thanasis Antetokounmpo
Thomas Robinson
Tiago Splitter
Tibor Pleiss
Tim Frazier
Tim Hardaway
Timothy Luwawu-Cabarrot
Toney Douglas
Tony Snell
Tony Wroten
Trevor Booker
Trey Burke
Troy Daniels
Ty Lawson
Tyler Ennis
Tyler Hansbrough
Tyler Ulis
Tyler Zeller
Tyrone Wallace
Tyus Jones
Udonis Haslem
Vince Carter
Wade Baldwin IV
Walter Tavares
Wang Zhelin
Wayne Ellington
Wesley Johnson
Willie Reed
Xavier Munford
Zhou Qi

Aaron Gordon
Al Horford
Al Jefferson
Al'Farouq Aminu
Alec Burks
Allen Crabbe
Amir Johnson
Andre Drummond
Andre Iguodala
Andrew Bogut
Andrew Wiggins
Anthony Davis
Arron Afflalo
Avery Bradley
Ben Simmons
Bismack Biyombo
Blake Griffin
Bobby Portis
Bojan Bogdanovic
Bradley Beal
Brandon Ingram
Brandon Jennings
Brandon Knight
Brook Lopez
Buddy Hield
C.J. McCollum
C.J. Miles
Carmelo Anthony
Chandler Parsons
Channing Frye
Chris Bosh
Chris Paul
Clint Capela
Cody Zeller
Cory Joseph
Courtney Lee
D'Angelo Russell
Damian Lillard
Danilo Gallinari
Danny Green
Dante Exum
Darren Collison
DeAndre Jordan
DeMar DeRozan
DeMarcus Cousins
DeMarre Carroll
Dennis Schroder
Deron Williams
Derrick Favors
Derrick Rose
Devin Booker
Dirk Nowitzki
Donatas Motiejunas
Doug McDermott
Dragan Bender
Draymond Green
Dwight Howard
Dwyane Wade
E'Twaun Moore
Ed Davis
Elfrid Payton
Emmanuel Mudiay
Enes Kanter
Eric Bledsoe
Eric Gordon
Ersan Ilyasova
Evan Fournier
Evan Turner
Festus Ezeli
Gary Harris
George Hill
Giannis Antetokounmpo
Goran Dragic
Gordon Hayward
Gorgui Dieng
Greg Monroe
Harrison Barnes
Hassan Whiteside
Ian Mahinmi
Iman Shumpert
Isaiah Thomas
J.J. Barea
J.J. Redick
J.R. Smith
Jabari Parker
Jae Crowder
Jahlil Okafor
Jamal Crawford
Jamal Murray
James Harden
Jared Dudley
Jared Sullinger
Jaylen Brown
Jeff Green
Jeff Teague
Jerami Grant
Jeremy Lin
Jimmy Butler
Joakim Noah
Joe Johnson
Joel Embiid
John Henson
John Wall
Jonas Jerebko
Jonas Valanciunas
Jordan Clarkson
Josh Richardson
Jrue Holiday
Julius Randle
Justise Winslow
Jusuf Nurkic
Karl Anthony Towns
Kawhi Leonard
Kelly Olynyk
Kemba Walker
Kenneth Faried
Kent Bazemore
Kentavious Caldwell'Pope
Kevin Durant
Kevin Garnett
Kevin Love
Khris Middleton
Klay Thompson
Kris Dunn
Kristaps Porzingis
Kyle Anderson
Kyle Korver
Kyle Lowry
Kyrie Irving
LaMarcus Aldridge
LeBron James
Lou Williams
Luol Deng
Manu Ginobili
Marc Gasol
Marcin Gortat
Marcus Morris
Marcus Smart
Mario Hezonja
Markieff Morris
Marvin Williams
Mason Plumlee
Matt Barnes
Matthew Dellavedova
Maurice Harkless
Michael Carter-Williams
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
Mike Conley
Mirza Teletovic
Monta Ellis
Myles Turner
Nerlens Noel
Nicolas Batum
Nikola Jokic
Nikola Mirotic
Nikola Vucevic
Norman Powell
Omri Casspi
Otto Porter
P.J. Tucker
Patrick Beverley
Patrick Mills
Pau Gasol
Paul George
Paul Millsap
Paul Pierce
Qunicy Pondexter
Rajon Rondo
Ray Allen
Reggie Jackson
Ricky Rubio
Robert Covington
Robin Lopez
Rodney Hood
Rondae Hollis'Jefferson
Rudy Gay
Rudy Gobert
Russell Westbrook
Ryan Anderson
Serge Ibaka
Shabazz Muhammad
Shaun Livingston
Solomon Hill
Stanley Johnson
Stephen Curry
Steven Adams
T.J. Warren
Taj Gibson
Thabo Sefolosha
Thaddeus Young
Thon Maker
Timofey Mozgov
Tobias Harris
Tony Allen
Tony Parker
Trevor Ariza
Trey Lyles
Tristan Thompson
Tyler Johnson
Tyreke Evans
Tyson Chandler
Victor Oladipo
Wesley Matthews
Will Barton
Willie Cauley-Stein
Wilson Chandler
Zach LaVine
Zach Randolph
Zaza Pachulia
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Re: 2016 CB Draft: Rules, GMs & Draft Board
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Re: 2016 CB Draft: Rules, GMs & Draft Board
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I started to quote the section from the rules on drafting but --- just go read it above.

Some basic reminders:

1. The time listed on the draft board in the original post of this thread is when your pick is DUE *not* when you're on the clock.

useful links:: RULES  |  List of GMs (with PM links)  |  TRADES  |  AVAILABLE PLAYERS

Remember: The time listed is when the pick is DUE.

ROUND A: Draft Slot         
A-1   11.10   snively   
A-2   11.20   DinoGanga   
A-3   11.30   green_bballers13   
A-4   11.40   Who   
A-5   11.50   nickagneta   
A-6   12.00   BigAlTheFuture   
A-7   12.10   RJ87   
A-8   12.20   Celtic Fan Forever   
A-9   12.30   Bucketgetter   
A-10   12.40   ChampKind   
A-11   12.50   Evantime34   
A-12   1.00   Yoki_IsTheName   
A-13   1.10   wdleehi   
A-14   1.20   Kane3387   
A-15   1.30   Rondo2287   
A-16   1.40   KGs Knee   
A-17   1.50   Riah32   
A-18   2.00   dreamgreen   
A-19   2.10   Denis998   
A-20   2.20   Smartacus   
A-21   2.30   The Walker Wiggle   
A-22   2.40   max215   
A-23   2.50   Soytiz   
A-24   3.00   Celts Fan 508   
A-25   3.10   Gainesville Celtic   
A-26   3.20   Airbelinelli   
A-27   3.30   mkogav   
A-28   3.40   The Rondo Show   
A-29   3.50   pearljammer10   
A-30   4.00   jacigar   

2. Round A (today) we're picking DRAFT SLOTS NOT PLAYERS!!!!. For anyone new to CBD *please* review the modified snake that we use (Rule III (8) above).

2. Round B (tomorrow) we're picking Team + Coach combos (i.e. Boston Celtics + Brad Stevens).

3. If you miss a pick in Round A I'll assign the next highest one for you (like what happens in Rounds 1 & 2).

4. If you miss a pick in Round B you will be skipped and you can pick whenever you want

5. In all rounds (A, B, 1-14) you should post the pick/team/player you're selecting in RED. For example:

With the 25th pick in Round A, Gainesville Celtic selects the #3 pick overall

........... and with that I hereby open ROUND A of the 2016 Celticsblog Draft.
Snively is on the clock.
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Re: 2016 CB Draft: Draft Board --- Draft is OPEN! Round A has begun!!
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With the first pick in Round A, snively selects the #3 pick overall.
2016 CelticsBlog Draft: Chicago Bulls

Head Coach: Fred Hoiberg

Starters: Rubio, Danny Green, Durant, Markieff Morris, Capela
Bench: Sessions, Shumpert, G. Green, T. Booker, Frye
Deep Bench: CJ Watson, H. Thompson, P. Zipser, Papagiannis, Mejri

Re: 2016 CB Draft: Draft Board --- Draft is OPEN! Round A has begun!!
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Offline DinoGanga

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With the second pick in round 1, Dino Ganga takes pick #1.
2016 CelticsBlog Draft: Washington Wizards

PG: Darren Collison / Elfrid Payton / Tim Frazier
SG: Avery Bradley / Seth Curry
SF: Jae Crowder / Shaun Kilpatrick / Marcus Thornton
PF: LeBron James / Derrick Williams / JJ Hickson
C: Jusuf Nurkic / Meyers Leonard / Nikola Pekovic

Re: 2016 CB Draft: Draft Board --- Draft is OPEN! Round A has begun!!
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With the third pick in round 1, green_bballers13 takes pick #2.

Re: 2016 CB Draft: Draft Board --- Draft is OPEN! Round A has begun!!
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Online Who

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With the fourth pick in Round A, Who selects the #4 pick overall.

Re: 2016 CB Draft: Draft Board --- Draft is OPEN! Round A has begun!!
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With the second pick in round 1, Dino Ganga takes pick #1.

With the third pick in round 1, green_bballers13 takes pick #2.

Practice doesn't make perfect, PERFECT practice makes perfect.

ALL PICKS should be in red -- you'll see that this makes life much easier for everyone.
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Re: 2016 CB Draft: Draft Board --- Draft is OPEN! Round A has begun!!
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to the best of my ability i'll try and update the Round A and Round 1 boards (which will always be located in the 1st post of this thread) as people make picks.... though I thought there might be some more movement at the top... oh well.

ROUND A: Draft Slot         
A-1   11.10   snively   #3 pick
A-2   11.20   DinoGanga   #1 pick
A-3   11.30   green_bballers13   #2 pick
A-4   11.40   Who   #4 pick
A-5   11.50   nickagneta   
A-6   12.00   BigAlTheFuture   
A-7   12.10   RJ87   
A-8   12.20   Celtic Fan Forever   
A-9   12.30   Bucketgetter   
A-10   12.40   ChampKind   
A-11   12.50   Evantime34   
A-12   1.00   Yoki_IsTheName   
A-13   1.10   wdleehi   
A-14   1.20   Kane3387   
A-15   1.30   Rondo2287   
A-16   1.40   KGs Knee   
A-17   1.50   Riah32   
A-18   2.00   dreamgreen   
A-19   2.10   Denis998   
A-20   2.20   Smartacus   
A-21   2.30   The Walker Wiggle   
A-22   2.40   max215   
A-23   2.50   Soytiz   
A-24   3.00   Celts Fan 508   
A-25   3.10   Gainesville Celtic   
A-26   3.20   Airbelinelli   
A-27   3.30   mkogav   
A-28   3.40   The Rondo Show   
A-29   3.50   pearljammer10   
A-30   4.00   jacigar   


Pick / Overall pick / Time Pick is Due

ROUND 1 (Monday, August 1)     
1   1   11.10 Dino Ganga
2   2   11.20 green_bballers13
3   3   11.30 snively
4   4   11.40 Who
5   5   11.50
6   6   12.00
7   7   12.10
8   8   12.20
9   9   12.30
10   10   12.40
11   11   12.50
12   12   1.00
13   13   1.10
14   14   1.20
15   15   1.30
LUNCH -- 1:30 TO 2:30     
16   16   2.40
17   17   2.50
18   18   3.00
19   19   3.10
20   20   3.20
21   21   3.30
22   22   3.40
23   23   3.50
24   24   4.00
25   25   4.10
26   26   4.20
27   27   4.30
28   28   4.40
29   29   4.50
30   30   5.00

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Re: 2016 CB Draft: Draft Board --- Draft is OPEN! Round A has begun!!
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So far this draft is following my big board exactly.

Re: 2016 CB Draft: Draft Board --- Draft is OPEN! Round A has begun!!
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With the 5th pick in Round A, nickagneta selects #5 overall pick


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