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Re: Anyone need Sigs?
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I asked for one about a week ago and never got one. I asked for either:

1. One with all of our guards on current roster

I think the problem is that it's going to take more than a week to fit them all on there

That is hilarious. TP for that!

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Re: Anyone need Sigs?
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Can I get one of AB when he flexes after hitting the 3 for OT over Jeremy Lin?
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Re: Anyone need Sigs?
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Sig test

EDIT: Does anyone know how I can make the image not the link show up? I copied the image url, but obviously just pasting it in there doesn't work.

You need to create a photo bucket account then save it there then upload it from photo bucket.  IT needs to be the IMG link that you copy from photo bucket.
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Re: Anyone need Sigs?
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I can see that this section of the forum has been dead for a while, so why not liven it up?
If you want a sig just request one here and I will try to make one.

(Just a note, I am starting a couple of summer classes soon at my university and it might take me a little bit to make a sig in the next month or so, but still feel free to request one anyway.)
Denis998, can I put one more request if/and when you have time? I need an RJ sig bad loving this kid, also Sully just looks a little depressed like he's about to be traded lol
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Re: Anyone need Sigs?
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I'd love one centered around KG with "Anything is Possible" thanks ahead of time and great job with all of them so far  :D