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Only one Kyrie-some are more gifted than others
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Kyrie is a bit of a savant or genius when it comes to ball handling and closing at the rim.He is move to counter move a whirling dervish with banks like Willie Mosconi. It is like a symphony he orchestrates.He hears it and feels it and creates it and we watch and react.
Kyrie is not blessed with other worldly height ,strength  or bounce but his processing and reaction time to a move is so quick and flexible that it turns everything to slow motion.

This creativity comes from Kyrie and is his gift. Rozier is trying to emulate Kyrie and has the strength.length and burst to be his own version but Kyrie has always had that special gift and that has always set him apart.LIKE TATUM
Rozier can be special in his own way. Danny saw that and Rozier will learn just by practicing and competing with Kyrie.You can already see him playing below the rim and using the backboard.
and going to the playgrounds of NYC to practice a more free form style.That is Kyrie.

I am hoping that Williams as he plays up rapidly gets better. You see this often with a young player getting mixed in with regulars versus the bench clearing in mass during blowouts.
Robert Williams has the special tools and if he doesn't have the drive it is up to the Celtics inspire and cultivate it.This is the advantage of Celtics winning culture and Danny Ainge's brilliant choices of Brad and the character he looks for in draft picks.
Ainge was a high school all american in three sports and played professional baseball as well as basketball- Now that is special.
Williams is a wild card as he didn't have a workout or interview and fell to the Celts.
  Robert Williams loves defense and has the special tools -that alone is a good starting point.
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