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Re: Celtics (23-50) at Bulls (41-32) Game #74 3/31/14
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Bradley is starting to annoy me. Not that he shoots too much, but that he is really not that talented.

Yeah. He has a really hard time dribbling the ball. This is his 4th year as a pro. How long do we play the potential card with him?

With a guard, you kind of know more or less what you have by the time they are in their 4th year. Bradley is good at defending point guards and smaller shooting guards. And he can hit long 2s pretty well. The shooting has yet to be seen in the pressure cooker of the playoffs.

the 'potential' label came off after last year when he was mostly healthy.

Bradley is 23 years old and already an 2nd team all nba defender. While he still needs work his offense has improved and he's better suited in off the ball situations.
When was the last time you saw Bradley play great, or even good, defense?
for me, the proverbial bloom came off his rose when Felton torched him in the playoffs last year.  haven't seen anything this year close to the D he played when healthy his first 3 years.

Has Felton really torched him? Other than two 20 plus games (which were both losses) Felton was largely average. I think he's playing very good defense just that he's preserving himself on offense.
has he?  yes he did.  every game Felton did whatever he wanted.  scoring isn't everything a PG does.  Felton picked apart the C's defense by constantly driving by AB or passing with little hindrance from AB

Felton IS average, that's my point.  If AB played the level of D he's supposed to play, Felton doesn't have ANY 20 point games and more importantly, he doesn't carve up the D with his drives and passing

Yet the Knicks shot a subpar percentage. Besides those twenty point games resulted in losses and the games the knicks did win, it had less to do with Felton than the Celtics woeful offense. Rondo was missed in that series.

Re: Celtics (23-50) at Bulls (41-32) Game #74 3/31/14
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Here's what I hope happens just for the benefit of the slug tankers. we get one of the three best players in the lottery and the guy falls flat on his freakin' face and then all of the nobodys go on to get us in the playoffs because they no longer have to hear some idiot buzzing in their ear about tanking anymore!!!!!!!!!!
9 more games like this losing to a bunch of bottom feeders and none of these guys will have any morale left in them.