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Re: Weidman KO's Anderson Silva
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Link to fight vid

TP for the link

Thank you bro 8)

It's my go to place. If ever a fight is not up it's because of licencing but a week or so after it'll be right back up. The vid section has some classics.

MMASHARE is alright but today they wanted a membership form filled out so I balked and luckily Fightnext had it up about an hour after the fight.

Enjoy. ;D

Re: Weidman KO's Anderson Silva
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My bad...thanks for the edit Mod.

Just watched the fight again and I swear Silva wanted to lose. Besides his antics and how not to defend clinic 101he seems relieved to have the pressure off his back. Weidman meanwhile is a very humble articulate new champ and props to Silva for having nothing but kind words for the new champ.

Oh please.....

Silva was just doing what he always did to opponents HE DIDN'T RESPECT like Maia and then Weidman.   Except this time, HE GOT CAUGHT and a sort of Cosmic-Justice was served last night. 

Silva could've destroyed Weidman but never took him seriously.  He was more interested in putting on a show for the fans instead of winning the [dang] fight as you saw from all his gestures and clowning around.

In my opinion, that hack got EXACTLY what he deserved for his arrogance and utter disrespect for his opponent.


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