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The Americans (TV)
« on: February 01, 2013, 11:11:54 AM »

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Anybody else catch the series premiere?

I DVR'ed it and ended up watching it last night.  I think this show has a lot of potential.  For those unfamiliar, its an FX drama about a couple who are Soviet spies living in the United States in the early '80s trying to contain their cover as an American family while still undertaking spy activities for the KGB.

The premiere certainly had some intense moments and intermingled the main story with flashbacks (ala LOST).

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Re: The Americans (TV)
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Very good first episode.

I thought it was really well put together. Loved the Fleetwood Mac song at the beginning of the episode. Set a great tone. Acting was strong too. Good story about KGB living in US during early 1980s. Strong foundation to build a TV show around.

I think it's going to be one of the best new shows.

Re: The Americans (TV)
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I saw this show the other day. I thought it was pretty great. At first before watching the show I thought it was gonna be one of those cheesy things about a Soviet family doing all the American things and what not, but the beginning sequence quickly changed my perception. I like how it's serious, realistic to the time frame and people's thought process for the time being, and gritty it is.

The acting was really good, from the wife and the father. You can see kind of where they stand which is kind of cool. The flashbacks was pretty interesting and there were a few scenes that really kept me on the edge of the seat. Most specifically, the beginning, the part where they do it (dont wanna give up too much away) and the ending, with the soundtrack being right on key.

The negatives though were way too much commercials. If I was watching it live, I think the commercials would def disrupt the flow of the show.

I think they have a lot to work with here. The setting is really cool, the cat chasing the mouse thing can be pretty exciting, the relationships between the spies is intriguing, and the action and music was pretty exciting. Right now Walking Dead is by far the most powerful drama on TV, but this could develop into something special. In matter of fact, I've already seen the show twice and the begginng scene 3 times.
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Re: The Americans (TV)
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Just watched the pilot and it was indeed very good, looking forward to the next one.

Soundtrack was amazing, with Fleetwood Mac's Tusk, and Phil Collins' In the Air Tonight.

Hopefully they'll keep that up.

That said, I very much doubt that the shoundtrack will be kept in the possible dvd's and bluray's since the licensing will probably be too expensive. Like it happened with the series Cold Case, but we'll see.


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