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Re: I cannot take it anymore
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I live in aus and it was a 5am game this morning. I had a dream that i somehow heard that rondo went for 40-15-15 and it ruined it for me becuase i didnt get to watch it.

Nek minnit i wake up and find out he has a torn ACL FML

Saddest part for me is im not gonna be able to see my fav player tearing it up till next season. Rondo in playoffs is something spec

Re: I cannot take it anymore
« Reply #31 on: January 28, 2013, 01:38:05 AM »

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Depends on what that player actually brings to the team, and who his replacements are.

For example, when Denver traded Carmelo (and Billups) for marginal players the team improved.

And where did that get Denver? -- Nowhere.

Bottom line is they may go on a brief winning streak because they will be driven to show they can win without him. However, water always seeks its own level and the same will happen with this team. Talk about them being better without Rajon Rondo is beyond ludicrous.

Spoiler: Only 1 team can win. I know you are probably shocked.


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