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Everyone is panicking. I'm panicking. But the owners and gm's are definitely not panicking. They get paid not to panic. Us fans are already talking about blowing up the team and getting value back while we still can. Lets pack the suitcase and start out new. But there is this big "what if" we survive the regular season and get a shot at the playoffs question. What If , tomorrow the playoffs started, even if we are the 8th seed, are we going to trade Rondo, Pierce or KG?? I'd bet many that would say yes to trade them now would say no. So this is the way i feel Ainge feels about what is going on now. Something like yes we are doing bad, but so did we last year at this point of the season. We are a vet team and while others will lose focus in the 2nd half , the Celts will increase their focus, like a marathon runner find energy source from the ground and make it into the playoffs comfortably. Then who knows. The optimism is there and you can't blame him for having it i guess

The three phases i see that we are looking at from now till the beginning of next season, regardless if we lose 10 in a row

Phase 1 (happening right now)
On Doc and coaching staff to make it happen with what they got. Make adjustments to get the lineup back to its winning ways

Phase 2 (by the trade deadline)
Either fire Doc and/or make trades to make a semi permanent fix. Likely not involving Kg, PP, Rondo and Doc and his 4 years contract left is going nowhere

Phase 3
blow up the team. Unlikely to happen, until after the season is done as we either don't make the playoffs or get eliminated in the 1st round.

So for Danny, until he witnesses the horror of phase 3, nothing much is going to happen imo. It doesn't really matter if you trade pp, kg or rondo now or after the season, their values will more or less be the same.

I'm tired of the losing. Its unbearable to watch but also you love the team so you have to watch them play. But its also foolish to think any drastic moves will happen, when Danny won't do jack until the final horn sounds. I guess/hopefully until then things might change and we go back to our winning ways or we will have to endure a nasty roller coaster ride until this season is done.


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