Author Topic: Worst thing we can do is bring in guys with mismatched contracts  (Read 850 times)

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I see a lot of folks still want to trade some of our guys for guys that may be good, but are not worth what they will be demanding.  Josh Smith is a prime example.  Personally, I do not care for the guy but I understand his talent.  But at max money, I pretty much hate the guy.

When putting together a team, the salary comes into play as what you pay one guy will take away what you pay others.  The salary should come into play when evaluating a guys value.  Lots of teams are handcuffed by paying max money to guys that do not deserve them (Joe Johnson anyone?).

That's one of the nice things about the make up of what may be the cornerstone of out future.  Jeff Green and Rondo, both every good players, do not appear to be overpaid by NBA standards.  At their salary, you are getting a lot of value (I know some will quibble about J Green).  Add Sully and Avery, and contracts are even better.

So while I am not against trading guys like PP and KG (or anyone else) for young guys on cheap contracts or expiring), I am hoping DA doesn't get guys that are overpaid (or soon to be overpaid).  Of course I would love to shed the salaries of Terry and Bass and Lee, but I am relistic.  Each of them has zero or negative value right now.  You couldn't give them away unless you took equally bad contracts in return.

Re: Worst thing we can do is bring in guys with mismatched contracts
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Danny is a smart GM and he is able to work out good deals for good players at a great value. (Rondo, Green). He isnt going to give a guy a max deal just for the sake of getting him. If he is interested in someone like a Josh Smith and Smith's asking price is too high or wont benefit the future of the franchise, Danny will quickly move on to the next option.
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