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Re: Doc "not playing rookies"
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its also something to note WHERE the celtics have been drafting in the KG era...which is low 20's....generally you dont see many Rookie's playing a key role to a championship contendor.

luckily Ainge has been able to find some gems in that early 20's area..(most recently Bradley, Sullinger)who can help us

Re: Doc "not playing rookies"
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There are some bad teams out there with immature locker room cultures because a bunch of young players were given automatic minutes because of where they were drafted.  Doc may make some players resentful of lack of playing time, but he can't be accused of building up the detrimental sense of entitlement that some young players have.
TP...excellent observation.

Re: Doc "not playing rookies"
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Do people kind of feel stupid saying this?

The complaint really started when Rondo was a rookie and there was about a two month stretch when everyone else in the universe could see Rondo was the best player, yet Doc continued to start Sebastian Telfair, even though Boston was terrible and not making the playoffs no matter what.

I do think the evidence is that Doc doesn't particularly hate rookies more than any other NBA coach, but that Doc is one of those coaches who has "his guys".  Avery and Sully are a great example of that.  There were plenty of times early this season when Sully did not play very well and for much if not most of Avery's rookie season and the start of his second year, he played like hot garbage.  Yet Doc continued to give them opportunities that a guy like E'Twuan Moore never got.


Actually it started with Ryan Gomes.
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