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Possible Rondo back-up
« on: January 07, 2013, 07:20:00 PM »

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I've never seen Bobby Brown play, but this article made me want to save a roster spot for him.  Anyone have any info?

Re: Possible Rondo back-up
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Lightweight guard who struggles defensively. Dodgy PG skills. A scorer in a PG's body. Good shooter. Struggles to create separation from his defender at NBA level. Takes bad shots. Better off if he was less aggressive and accepted a smaller role offensively.

He used to be Chris Paul's backup in New Orleans for a short while. That experiment was a failure. I remember Garnett had an emphatic block on Bobby Brown in one of those games he played for NOH against Boston. Rondo terrorized him with his length and physical talent on defense. Too small, too limited skill-wise. 

Not a player who can add anything to this Boston team.

Re: Possible Rondo back-up
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DKC Seventy-Sixers:

PG: G. Hill/D. Schroder
SG: C. Lee/B. Hield/T. Luwawu
SF:  Giannis/J. Lamb/M. Kuzminskas
PF:  E. Ilyasova/J. Jerebko/R. Christmas
C:    N. Vucevic/K. Olynyk/E. Davis/C. Jefferson

Re: Possible Rondo back-up
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Don't see why Barbosa can't just fill the role.

He's been pretty adequate on defense and is an absolute spark on offense and gives a whole different dimension than Rondo.

Some people say he is hit or miss but to me he had been a lot more hit than miss with us.

As for traditional back up pg I don't think there really are that many or any that are better options.

I feel like cause Barbosa and Rondo are polar opposites as pg's that it makes it look more extreme when its not.

Re: Possible Rondo back-up
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Re: Possible Rondo back-up
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We already have Rondo's back-up, let's focus on real needs... like a center and a 3rd string SF.