Author Topic: Scott Skiles and Bucks part ways.  (Read 2796 times)

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Re: Scott Skiles and Bucks part ways.
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The really crazy part is that offensively the Bucks have done a better job than most at breaking down some of the Thibs-esque defenses in the league this year. They look patchwork, sure, but they've got all the makes of a fun 7th or 8th seed.

Also, every time I look at Skiles I have to pinch myself and remember he's the NBA's most assists in one game record holder. Dude looks so, uh, not equipped to be that guy!
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Re: Scott Skiles and Bucks part ways.
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From what I have heard, this was Skiles' decision, not Milwaukee's. Skiles told Bucks' brass last month that he would not seeking an extension on his expiring contract. I guess he decided he'd rather not be a lame duck, and just quit now.

Seems like something he'd do. Has always struck me as a bit of a little tyrant. Might be a good Xs-and-Os coach, but everything I have heard about him says his interpersonal skills are lacking.

If anything, I expect the Bucks to play freer and easier, and still contend for a low playoff berth. The chains are off. Fear the Deer?
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Re: Scott Skiles and Bucks part ways.
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Skiles always had the Bucks playing hard for him, and he didn't have a ton to work with there.  The front office has been a mess and Skiles wasn't going to sign on for more of it.

If Skiles is going to take another job some day, he's got to do a better job at looking at the roster and GM before signing on.  Maybe he can consult Phil Jackson on how to cherry pick a team to coach.   


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