Author Topic: Over/Under till Sully starts?  (Read 8422 times)

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Re: Over/Under till Sully starts?
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Bass has actually played better the last couple games in the starting lineup IMO.

sure his ppg are down, but we have alot more depth than last year so he is going to get less shots and thus not score as much....right now his jumper hasnt been falling, but historically he has been an excelleng jump-shooter so I expect it to return.

Re: Over/Under till Sully starts?
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Trade Bass if you can for just about any big who can give you good minutes. If the player not in future plans, then an expiring contract to guarantee mid level next year.
Bass is a "big who can give you good minutes".

If by that you mean a guy who can't defend, can't catch a pass (he has horrible hands),  is a horrible passer and is petrified of shooting then sure.
And yet, you still want to trade bass for a bigger, competent player?  Ou can't say he sucks then wnt an upgrade in return.

Bass is probably worth a ryan hollins.  If you would settle for that, then you're good.
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