Slice em up

Doc - incompetent front running coach
Pierce - can't shoot for a full 48; can't guard anyone with a pulse
Rondo - never gonna be THE MAN; emotional moody immature brat
KG - Can't make an open shot; won't play in the post; grab a rebound once in a while please; 5 minute stints are disrupting the teams rhythm
Collins - 98 is a stupid number
Bass - yuck, what happened to being a reliable  shooter
Sully - leadfooted foul machine
Bradley - Larry would have played to with two bum shoulders;  where were you when we needed you?
Green - worst trade ever; show some balls out there more than once a week; I don't care if you just had heart surgery, we're paying you 9 million a year so get out there and earn it for something more than sleepwalking
Terry - way to make us not miss Ray...NOT!!
Lee - you're not Ray either, or E'Twaun for that matter...pick it up for the love of JJJ
Melo - duck before entering the door Fab
Danny - fire him now; only good thing he ever did was get gifted KG from a Celtic crony

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I voted doc, KG, and Green.  Only KG becasue I seriously think the 5 min in and out is dumb and he needs to be at the 5, period.  Doc has no clue and Green is too timid.  Maybe if Doc put him in a more dominant role?  Yea so i guess all my votes are against Doc essentially >:(