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Re: when Jeff Green plays well, we play well...
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JG has allstar potential. THere is a reason he was drafted number 5 and carl landy was undrafted. plus landry is on one of the worst teams in the league- the warriors. green should be better than him i believe

1. I was encouraged by Green's play last night and I have high hopes for him but it's one game. Let's not pile up the expectations.

2. Landry was the first player drafted in the 2nd round in 2007.

3. Landry's had a better statistical year in just four more minutes of play on average than Green.

4. The Warriors are 7-6, which is the same record as the Celtics right now. Don't think that really qualifies for one of the worst teams in the league.

Add in the fact that draft positions generally have got little to do with how a player pans out, unless the player we're talking about is a superstar or a total bust.

Not that I'd pick Landry over Green or vice versa, but number 2 and number 4 are just facts. Nothing to argue about.

Yeah I know, the poster I responded to said Landry was undrafted, which isn't true, and the Warriors were one of the worst teams in the league, whose record indicates otherwise. I wasn't trying to argue who was better or not between Green or Landry just stating a few facts. And number 3 is also a fact because Landry is averaging 15/7 in 26 mins while Green is averaging 9/3 in 22 mins.

Landry is only scoring more since the warriors have no other options whereas doc rivers never lets Jeff shoot the ball. Anyone can average 15 if they jack up many shots and are relied on to score for their team. once pierce gets old jeff green will score more than that.

Landry is not "jacking" up anything. He's averaging 59.6% FG% at 9.2 attempts per game. Jeff Green is averaging only 2 less attempts than him and averaging 44.1 FG%. Another thing is that Landry isn't playing with the best passing PG in the league. While he's playing in an up-tempo system; you can't compare playing with Steve Nash and playing in Mike D'Antoni's system.

Plus, Landry is 4th on his team in field goal attempts.

I do believe that Green has more potential, but as of right now, Landry would help this team a lot more than Green is currently doing.

How many times have I got to say this.... Fans get excited or pine after a guy that scores this much or assists that much on another team, just to have him come to Boston and score a whole bunch less. This is because PAUL, KEVIN, AND RONDO get the touches and the plays run for them. Jeff green had two plays run for him last night. Two. In the Denver - Golden State game I reckon the warriors went to Landry on the post a good 7 or 8 straight times and cleared that side of the floor for him. They certainly didn't win the game either.

Landry is the type of dude that seems to hang around and get contracts with the sacramentos and the golden states because he knows he will get a lot of touches on a crap team.

I wouldn't say they are a crap team. They have the same record as we do and play in a much tougher conference. Most importantly Landry singlehandedly helped the warriors win 3 games by scoring more than 10 points and grabbing key offensive rebounds in each of those fourth quarters while scoring very efficiently. He steps up when it counts and was easily the second best player on the hornets team when they took the lakers to 7 games two years ago. What has Jeff Green ever done in the playoffs?

I don't get why you are knocking the guy's game if he is scoring efficiently and getting more rebounds than your man jeff green.(who by the way is making much more than him) Yeah he played on some bad teams but I would like to see you replace him with Jeff Green and get some different result.

I live in the bay area so I watch the warriors play and know that this guy works his butt off to hustle for loose balls and rebounds which is much more than I can say for Green.

What proof do you have that Green is better if their game and stats show otherwise? And before you rely on the old heart surgery excuse, Landry was having a career year before being shot in the leg maybe that takes some time to recover from too.

How is Jeff green my guy? All I said was Landry definitely isn't.

I guarantee you if Carl Landry took a contract from Boston or Oklahoma city he would not be a 15/5 guy off the bench, because he wouldn't be getting clearouts 5 times a game.

And by the way if you're talking about playing with good point guards. Landry played with Chris Paul in new orleans, the ultimate drive and dish player.

Landry is a pretty crafty guy under the basket and can use his body, but he's not a sixth man for a contending team and his D is average at best.

The argument was comparing Landry and Green, not how well Landry would do in a contending team. 

If you put Landry in the role that Jeff Green is currently in, he would be somewhere near the 10-15 ppg range, which is very good and better than Green right now.

And the fact that Landry thrived playing with Chris Paul means that he will thrive playing with Rondo.

Also, you said in a previous post, that Landry would get nowhere near the amount of touches. I believe you are 100% right in that regard. However, there's a reason why Green is still averaging over 7 attempts per game despite getting so few touches.

Landry is way more perfect for our team than Green because he doesn't need plays run for him - He'll get his points the same way Green does - through Rondo, double teams from KG/Pierce, fast break, etc, but at a way more efficient rate. 59% FG shooting is not a fluke - get Landry in a good position to score, and he'll score. With the Celtics' personal, they are one of the best executing teams in the NBA. He'd do better than Green is doing.

My point was definitely not a comparison between green and Landry. My point about Landry is that you're comparing his stats as a bench guy for a non contender to green's who is playing for a contender. Landry is getting more plays called for him than green in a team that has less scoring threats than the Celtics, and you're assuming that if we replaced green with Landry he would get the same numbers as he's getting in Golden State.

Several bench signings for this celtics team in the past have proved that this is definitely not the case.

If we brought glen davis back now off the bench would he be getting 15/9 for us consistently?

Would Landry be effective in a team that runs away from offensive rebounds?

You decide.

how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck was chris bosh?

Re: when Jeff Green plays well, we play well...
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As far as Carl Landry goes, I can't determine whether or not he will be helpful on this team or not since he's not here. But the fact of the matter is he is an excellent role player to have for a contender and played a big part in the Rockets playoff run without Yao or Tmac (taking the lakers to 7 games in the west semifinals) and in New Orleans playoff series without David West. At 4 million a year he is an absolute steal for the warriors leading them to 8-5 as their most consistent player.


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