Author Topic: Lee and Green = $60 mil of garbage  (Read 14275 times)

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Re: Lee and Green = $60 mil of garbage
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Extremely enthused about Green's game tonight, but keeping it totally in perspective. The Celts have played 16 games, and in my opinion, Green has played 4 good games. If he starts producing consistent performances, then maybe he has turned the corner. If he doesn't, it will be the same old Jeff Green. He was fun to watch tonight.

Re: Lee and Green = $60 mil of garbage
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i will stand by what i said before:  jeff green is mediocre.  he had a good shooting game, but  getting 3 rebounds and getting 4 steals means nothing since he had 4 turnovers overall - if you check his game logs from OKC you will rarely see him have 3 games in a row where he does well.  he's wildly inconsistent.  he may do well tomorrow, i doubt it, but he may - nevertheless the game after that statistically he has a very low chance of having a good game... in about a months time you will be complaining about his inconsistency - but thats jeff green. he cant have a good game without a lot of touches on offense - the best players can (prime example sully). i love jeff, but he's still mediocre.


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