Author Topic: I wish they could fine them all tonight, except for Sully, Darko and Collins  (Read 3476 times)

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We are an old team, some of this is to be expected in a brutal swing of games.

But I thought they got much younger and added tremendous depth this year?
Yep, but sadly they're not our core players. All this talk about getting younger and more athletic is just all talk. Sure we acquired/signed/drafted younger players. But they're all reserves. In the NBA you win with stars, not reserves. Sadly, our stars outside of Rondo are all past their prime.

San Antonio obliterates teams with the same formula.

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I always find it funny when people are in tears after a few games and then break out the pom poms once the playoffs roll around

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Sadly, our stars outside of Rondo are all past their prime.

For the record, that was true when the band got together in 2007.
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Look, I just don't see the need to be Chicken Little, myself.

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What a disgrace. Sully the only bright spot and as usual, Darko and Collins didn't play.  I wish this was the old days before player associations and zillion dollar contracts.

  4th game in 5 nights, 7 games in 10 nights. Games like this happen in the nba, and not just to the Celts.

I don't think 20-point losses to the worst team the league should ever happen. Toronto won this afternoon after playing yesterday afternoon.

And I remember that the coverage of the Boston-Toronto game made sure to include the fact that KG played only 17 minutes and Pierce only 25. Combine that with all the 20-somethings we now have (Lee, Rondo, Bass, Sully, Barbosa), and it seems that "tired" applies more to this old excuse than to the team.

I get it: 4 games in 5 days, and 7 in 10, is kinda tiring, even for professional athletes. Still, losing by 20 to a team that's going nowhere? I was shocked.

Still, I'm trying really hard to stick to my pledge to be more optimistic and less harsh toward the Cs this year, so I'll just call this a bump in the road and let it go. On to the next game.
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Let's face facts, the additions of Courtney Lee, Jeff Green, Jason Terry have been extremely underwhelming, almost to the point of looking like serious mistakes.

The Bradley injury has also cost this team their best defensive player and the glue that makes the defense work because of his on the ball pressure and ability to create turnovers.

Also, enough with the Darko and Collins calls to play, they are and have always been bad players. They will contribute exactly squat this year. The rotation is

KG, Bass, Pierce, Bradley, Rondo
Wilcox, Sullinger, Green, Lee, Terry Barbosa

Those are the horses this team is going top win or lose with. Bradley has to get healthy and playing and Lee, Green, Terry have to start to come around and give significant contributions instead of the crap they have delivered thus far.

Sully and Barbosa are probably going to be wildly erratic because Sully is a rookie with limitations and Barbosa is a streak shooter getting spotty minutes.

But when the team shoots 45% and 23% from three while turning in a horrid defensive effort, losses like this will happen no matter who is playing.
Terry will pay dividends.  Lee isn't paid much, but he looks like an IQ challenged player.  He seemed more composed on some of the other teams he was on.  Agree on Green.

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Let's face facts, the additions of Courtney Lee, Jeff Green, Jason Terry have been extremely underwhelming, almost to the point of looking like serious mistakes.

Production per 36 minutes, last 5 games...

Jeff Green:
13.5 Points, 5.9 Rebounds, 1.9 Assists, 49% FG, 40% 3PT, 82% FT

Jason Terry:
13.6 Points, 3.2 Rebounds, 2.9 Assists, 47% FG, 35% 3PT, 82% FT

Courtney Lee:
10 Points, 5 Rebounds, 3 Assists, 50% FG, 33% 3PT, 100% FT

I know these are not mind blowing numbers, but they are solid enough considering:

1. That the team is still learning to play together
2. The difficult stretch of games we just played through

Green and Terry's scoring numbers are only about 2 PP36 below what they averaged in their last successful seasons, while Lee's (10 PP36) is right about what he averaged with the Rockets last season.

We never expected any of these guys to put up Carmello Anthony type offensive numbers, and what they are giving us lately is up somewhat near what we had expected from them.  i believe their numbers will certainly improve, but "extremely underwhelming"?

Right now our bench is giving us around 30 PPG.  About 6 are coming from Lee and about 8.5 from Green. That's 35% of out bench scoring coming from those two guys, and those two guys are single handedly giving us as much offensive production as our entire bench did last season. 

Sully, Wilcox and Barbosa have been the nice surprises.

Surprisingly our bench has been pretty productive and bout 3x stronger then last year.  Our defense has also improved (though sporadically) since we started bringing Wilcox in at center rather than KG.  In brif minutes Collins has helped out defense too at times, but Doc insists on ignoring him.  Oh well.


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