Author Topic: Sen. Ben Affleck? Fearing loss of Mass. Senate seat, Democrats scramble.  (Read 1850 times)

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As you may have heard, actor/director Ben Affleck visited Capitol Hill this week to testify about violence in Congo. But the real news for political junkies was that he didn’t totally, 100 percent, flat-out deny that he might be interested in running for the Massachusetts Senate seat that would become vacant if – as looks likely – Sen. John Kerry (D) is tapped to succeed Hillary Rodham Clinton as the next secretary of State.

Asked about the possibility, according to Politico, Mr. Affleck responded: “That’s not what I’m here to talk about.”

The point being, of course, that he didn’t say “no.” And in Washington, anything less than a Shermanesque “I will not run even if you promise to somehow round up and destroy all existing copies of ‘Gigli’ ” statement is seen as "leaving the door open." Adding to the intrigue, Affleck met privately with Senator Kerry during his visit.

Def a move that would give Scott Brown a run for his money.

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Yeh, he'd probably have a decent shot at it if he put his heart into it.


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Huh? No way that happens.
Plenty of pols ready to step up: Lynch, Capuano to name two. Kennedy an outside possibility.

Oh, and the quote doesn't match the thread title. But the title is provocative that's for sure.
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I hate the media speculating a comment and twisting it into nothing
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Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel.

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I think he'd make a great politician. It's hardly a new game for an actor to throw his hat in the ring.

I honestly doubt that he'd be an incapable senator either. He's a liberal, and that's cool with me.

I'd vastly prefer Matt Damon though (said everyone about everything). *

*Ben doesn't deserve that tired joke. As Sout Park aptly highlighted, Argo and The Town (and Im told, gone baby gone, although I skipped that one) showed us that the old 'Matt was the brains' troupe doesn't hold water.

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Won't they just crank out a Kennedy to run against Brown?

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Won't they just crank out a Kennedy to run against Brown?
the only one that seems interested in public office just won a House Seat.  Oddly enough I saw him this week in the Copley Mall.  The dude is tall and doesn't look as douchy as the other Kennedy's when seen up close.

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I could see Patrick Kennedy moving back to MA to run for Senate. 

Ben Affleck running for US Senate would be a perfect storm of celebrity, entertainment and politics.  This has to happen just for my entertainment value. 


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