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Re: "Biggest" show wrestlers ever
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I love Kane, one of the most underrated big men around.

His current tag team with Daniel Bryan is amazing, and along with the Rhodes Scholars is reviving Tag team Wrestling in the WWE.

P.S breakout star of the year = bryan. Guy has been solid gold for them.

How funny that the guy they weren't willing to push got over by screwing him over at Wrestlemania. Love D-Bry.

Yes? No?

I dunno if they really screwed him over. I mean, I was at that WM in miami and long before the match the YES YES YES chant could get going in a second.

And yes, being there live we were ticked that he got the 18 second squash, but that was clearly planned to turn him even more heelish on AJ, which it accompished to a phenominal degree. He had his breakout promo the next night "dumping" her.

I think that's just a case of WWE taking a risk with that finish, then using it to define his character.

I've read from various sites that they scrapped the match plan and decided to do the 18 second squash because there's not enough time to finish the entire card. Either way, fans got ticked for sure.

Then on RAW it happened and man, thank you Miami WWE fans for putting him over the next night. I really doubt WWE had anything to do with DBry going over.

It's still in my head, Si!, Si!, Si!, Si!, Si!, Si!
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Re: "Biggest" show wrestlers ever
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YEa i think that's the dirt sheets playing up the "WWE hates indy guys grumble grumble grumble" narritive.

I mean, they made him World Champion man, and gave him an extended run leading up to WM. That AJ storyline was already Red hot.

I can buy that they shortened the match, but I assure you the finish was still going to be AJ distracting him and him getting murdered, I though the finish actually served todo that better than a 10 minute fight leading to the same finish.

WWE clearly saw something in Bryan, when they let him go after he went over the PG limit in his Nexus debute, he clearly had a handshake deal that he was coming back once the sponsers calmed down. If they really saw him as some indy side show, they would have let him walk.
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Re: "Biggest" show wrestlers ever
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I'm going off topic, but I say the toughest meanest wrestler ever was meng. Biting noses off and gouging a guys eye out. Kinda crazy

You, my friend, need to youtube some of Abdullah the Butcher's matches.  He was the definition of crazy.
Everyone seems to hate Abdullah. Remove him from HOF. He gave someone hep c apparently
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Re: "Biggest" show wrestlers ever
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surprised I haven't seen more love for the Macho Man.  loved his interviews.  that and he brought sex appeal to wrestling with Ms. Elizabeth (tragic end for her).

have to say my favorite tag team was Tito Santana and Ivan Putsky.   loved that combo.  have to say the Samoans were probably the toughest tag team until the Road Warriors hit the scene.


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