Author Topic: Why is The Truth Shooting so Consistently Awful Lately?!  (Read 3636 times)

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Re: Why is The Truth Shooting so Consistently Awful Lately?!
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Pierce's "shooting woes" are from one specific area.  Mid-range two point jumpshots.  That is it.  He is hitting three's at a career high percentage and getting to the free throw line 10 times per game, where he is shooting in the high 80% range.

People need to stop trippin.  The Truth is still the Truth.

Amen. TP.
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Re: Why is The Truth Shooting so Consistently Awful Lately?!
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He's fine.  He's shooting 41% from three.  His averages are about the same as they have always been.  He's just shooting poorly right now.  It's been 7 games.  You can't read anything into 7 games.  After 7 games people assume Jeff Green is a dud.  It's silly.  So far after 7 games, Rondo is the slightly ahead of Chris Paul in statistical efficiency.  We know in time stuff will average out.   Kinda like you know the Lakers are still going to win 60+ games despite their slow start... but Kobe isn't going to continue to have shooting percentages of 54%/43%/92% .... it's been 7 games.  Kobe hasn't cracked 50% shooting or 40% from three or 90% from the line EVER in his career.  It's highly unlikely it continues.
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Re: Why is The Truth Shooting so Consistently Awful Lately?!
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What annoys me is when pierce is missing all game long and he continues to shoot. And then he misses again, and he shoots again, and then he misses again..........he shoots again.......another miss. Sometimes when you know your shot is off you need to stop shooting the ****ing ball. Or at least if you know your shot is off take it to the basket and stop pulling up for jumpshots!! Terry is a good closer too and the last few games his shot has been on. Paul doesn't HAVE to close every night especially if his shot is off. Let terry shoot more in the 4th if he has it going. Or even KG. I have definitely been noticing pierce have alot of off shooting nights lately even going back to last year.

Wow. Couldn't disagree more. Maybe just watching your shot selection but every shooter knows that when your missing the shots, you're coach is going to say, "keep shooting". Shooters and scorers do exactly that shoot and score. There is no way I take that away on a game no matter how bad they are missing.

I know what coaches say but i disagree. If you have been missing jumpers all night long you should STOP shooting UNLESS you are wide open. Drive to the basket or pass the ball if you know its not your day. Keep shooting and missing knowing you don't have it that day is only hurting the team. I think the whole keep shooting even if you miss 20 in a row is beyond stupid especially when the game is on the line. How about give it to someone that does have it going on that day?