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Chris Wilcox
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There seems to be a lot of concern among the fan base about our front line.  I just thought I'd throw in a plug for Chris Wilcox.  I think that he can be an important piece for this team.  He's fast and athletic enough that he fits in with the running game, small ball that Doc seems to want to develop this year.  At the same time, he has the size to be a legitimate center, unlike Sully or Bass.

The big question mark is whether or not he will be ready to make significant contributions this year.  I get the impression that he has not physically or mentally been able to move past the scary heart condition that he developed last year.  It's one thing for the doctors to clear you to play, but it's another to have that confidence after being diagnosed with a condition that is life or death. 

I like that Doc has thrown him in there for a few minutes in the last couple of games.  He didn't do anything in those minutes, but just running up and down the floor in a real NBA game a few times might start to build his confidence up to get back in there and get back on the horse. 

Ideally, I'd love to see him get his groove back and move ahead of Sully in the rotation. 
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