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Wolves (9-25) at Celtics (25-7) 1/3
« on: January 02, 2011, 10:43:18 PM »

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Minnesota Timberwolves (9-25) at Boston Celtics (25-7)
Monday, January 3
7:30 PM ET
Regular Season Game #33 – Home Game #16
TV: CSNNE FSNN-Min, NBA LP 753, 754
TD Garden

Probable Starters
PG: Rajon Rondo   11.2 PPG   13.8 APG   2.4 SPG
SG:  Ray Allen  Ray Allen 16.8 PPG 3.3 APG .415 3P%
SF:  Paul Pierce 18.8 PPG 5.1 RPG 3.7 APG
PF: Glen Davis 12.0 PPG 5.7 RPG 0.4 BPG
C:   Shaquille O'Neal 10.4 PPG 5.5 RPG 0.9 BPG

Boston Bench Mob
Marquis Daniels
Luke Harangody
Von Wafer
Avery Bradley  
Jermaine O'Neal
Semih Erden  
Nate Robinson

Kendrick Perkins (knee) out
Delonte West (wrist)  out
Kevin Garnett (calf)  out
Paul Pierce  (ankle)  probable

Probable Starters
PG: Luke Ridnour  11.1 PPG 5.4 APG 1.3 SPG
SG:  Wesley Johnson   9.5 PPG 3.1 APG  .397 3P%
SF:  Michael Beasley   22.2 PPG 6.2 RPG 1.9 APG
PF:  Kevin Love   20.8 PPG  15.5 RPG  0.,4 BPG
C:   Darko Milicic   8.9 PPG 5.3 RPG 2.5 BPG

Wolves Bench
Nikola Pekovic
Corey Brewer
Johnny Flynn
Martell Webster
Kosta Koufos
Wayne Ellington
Sebastian Telfair
Sundiata Gaines
Lazar Hayward


Anthony Tolliver (knee) out

Team Connections
 Kevin Garnett played for the Timberwolves from 1995‐2007
Ray Allen was originally drafted by the Timberwolves with the 5th overall pick in the 1996 NBA Draft
Dave Wohl was an Assistant Coach with the Celtics from 2004‐07 and
Assistant GM from 2007‐09
Michael Beasley and Jermaine O’Neal were teammates in Miami during the  2008-10 seasons
Lazar Hayward and Celtics Head Coach Doc Rivers both attended Marquette
Sebastian Telfair played for the Celtics during the 2006‐07 season
Telfair, Shaquille O’Neal and Delonte West were teammates in Cleveland
during the 2009‐10 season
West and Luke Ridnour were teammates in Seattle during the 2007‐08 season
Ridnour and Ray Allen were teammates in Seattle from 2004‐07
Martell Webster and Von Wafer were teammates in Portland during the 2007‐08 season

Key Matchups
Glen Davis vs Kevin Love
Love is averaging a double double and has been putting up big numbers for the Wolves this season.  Big Baby will need to crash the boards and up his defense to prevent Love from having a very big night.  

Paul Pierce vs Michael Beasley
Beasley has moved to the small forward position and is playing very well.  He has both an athletic and a height advantage over Pierce.  Pierce will need to play well and smart to get the best of this matchup.  

Game Notes
Last season, the Celtics won the series 2-0.  Paul Pierce led the Celtics with an average of 19.5 points per game while shooting 85.7% from three,  Rajon Rondo averaged 15.5 points and 10.5 assists against Minnesota last season.  Al Jefferson led the Timberwolves with an average of 19.0 points and 7.5 rebounds per game.   Kevin Love recorded a double-double of 15 points and 11 rebounds in his only game against Boston last season.  The Wolves have changed considerably since then, however, with only Kevin Love returning from the lineup they started last season.

The Celtics are playing in the second of back to back games and are in a tough stretch of 10 games in 15 days.  And, they are doing it short handed with KG out along with Perk and Delonte who both may be returning sometime this month.  The Celtics got a boost with the return of Rondo against Toronto.    With key players out, fatigue is certainly going to be a problem for the remaining players.   Paul Pierce turned his ankle coming down after a dunk at the end of the Toronto game.  Reports were that it was tender but didn't swell and so he should be available for this game.  

The Wolves are 3-7 in their last 10 games and are just 2-17 on the road while the Celtics are 7-3 in their last 10 games and 13-2 at home.    Even tired and shorthanded, this is a game that the Celtics should win if they take care of business and come to play.  

Keys to the Game
1.  Defense
2. Rebound
3. Limit Turnovers
4. Play 48 Minutes


Fatigue and Home Court
The Celtics may be fatigued from their busy recent schedule along with having to fill in for missing players.  But they are home and the home crowd should energize the players and lead them to a win.  
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Re: Wolves (9-25) at Celtics (25-7) 1/3
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Is pierce playing

ty fl. tp
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Nice to be back!

Re: Wolves (9-25) at Celtics (25-7) 1/3
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We got this .... The head of the snake is back  8)
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Re: Wolves (9-25) at Celtics (25-7) 1/3
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Im slightly worried about Love because he gets 20 rebounds against teams who crash the boards ... which we obviously don't do. Without KG clogging the paint , im a little nervous.

Hope pauls ankle is okay, and it was just a little discomfort for tonight. We are going to need our captain!

Re: Wolves (9-25) at Celtics (25-7) 1/3
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Thanks once more for the game thread. A tp worthy effort as usual.

I hope the celtics third stringers get a lot of playing time in a celtics blow out. Pierce and Allen and rondo all need some rest.
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Re: Wolves (9-25) at Celtics (25-7) 1/3
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Thanks for post, FLCeltsFan (TP).

Keep KL from having a career night and we should be ok.

Re: Wolves (9-25) at Celtics (25-7) 1/3
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Re: Wolves (9-25) at Celtics (25-7) 1/3
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TP. Go Celtics!

Re: Wolves (9-25) at Celtics (25-7) 1/3
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Wow, Minnesotas starting lineup looks like the worst team of all time on paper.

Who the hell is their starting SG, Center, and Point guard? I litearlly have never seen those players before.

Re: Wolves (9-25) at Celtics (25-7) 1/3
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Bassy returns.  ::)

Re: Wolves (9-25) at Celtics (25-7) 1/3
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You forgot Semih Erden, OP.

Re: Wolves (9-25) at Celtics (25-7) 1/3
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You forgot Semih Erden, OP.

And Nate

Re: Wolves (9-25) at Celtics (25-7) 1/3
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I'm worried about the rebounding differential in this one.  Davis is going to get eaten alive by Love...  I can't tell you how many times in other games I've seen Davis box out while under the hoop, or just plain stand under the hoop, trying to get a rebound... only to have someone behind him jump up and get it.

If Pierce is able to play then we should still win, but without Pierce this game could get a bit ugly :(

Re: Wolves (9-25) at Celtics (25-7) 1/3
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Bassy returns.  ::)

LOL.  He's been playing well though.  Carved himself a nice niche as a good backup point guard.  I heard the Knicks were trying to trade for him to backup Felton.
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Re: Wolves (9-25) at Celtics (25-7) 1/3
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My first Celtics game of the season... sure picked an interesting one  :P

Looking forward to seeing Love though and imagine he will get a crap ton of rebounds against our depleted front court.  Hopefully Rondo makes a mockery of the T-Wolves D and leads us to the win despite the injuries.  Hopefully Pierce is playing.
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