Author Topic: Attention graphic artists, I could use your help.  (Read 15212 times)

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Re: Attention graphic artists, I could use your help.
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I admire people who can create amazing things with Photoshop and realize other people's requests. In a nutshell, I'm very admirative of the graphists.

But I also hate them, and you, Kiorrik, when they, like you, realize a beautiful creation and yet say "Yeah, just preliminary work, no time at the moment, just a test", etc. You're so skilled that even the least effort and amount of time makes you creations really good and so much better than what us, poor "common mortals", can make in days and days of work. Life is unfair. :P

TP for your effort and your beautiful pic though. :-X
Thanks for the compliment m8 :)

Every human being has his or her own set of skills. I just happen to have this one, and when I don't utilize it to the fullest, or put a relatively halfhearted effort into a project, I think I have the right to say that it's a work-in-progress, don't you agree? ;)

For example, Jeff just so happens to be an insanely good batter. He might consider a home-run a "must" and anything less might be below his normal level of performance ;)

@ACF, good point, CelticsBlog of course. Silly me :)