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Trip to Boston
« on: August 16, 2009, 04:58:51 PM »

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Hi People,

I am trying to plan a trip to Boston.  I would like to find a hotel for a couple of nights and not spend more than 100 bucks a night.  Actually the cheaper the better but I don't want to stay in a dive.  Does anyone have any recommendations or can tell me towns just outside of Boston to search?  I don't mind taking the train in.  One of the sights I plan on visiting is the Aquarium if that helps at all.  It has been a long time since I have been to Boston so I am not really familiar with it anymore.  Oh yeah, I will be coming from NYS (please don't throw stuff at me) and I am a huge Celtics fan :)

Re: Trip to Boston
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I would say, Cambridge, Quincy, Malden are all decent places outside the city where you can take the T in.
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Re: Trip to Boston
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yeah go for the T not the commuter rail if you're trying to save money - the rail gets progressively more expensive the further out you get (though Salem, MA is pretty dope if you want to come here!)

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Re: Trip to Boston
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Cdif911 are you from Salem?  If so, Salem is def the place to be come halloween time.  It would be worth a trip from NY to see Salem MA in October, Yankees would be ending their season in that month too. ;)
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Re: Trip to Boston
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Salem is crazy on Halloween, its USUALLY pretty safe too. Some people will act stupid and get arressted but mostly its all in good fun. I work about 5 minutes from downtown Salem, alot of girls stop in there to pick stuff up and are already in costume which is cool lol.

But Cdif and Champ are correct, Salem isnt too far away and theres alot to see and is great to walk around in, especially come fall. Alot of real good places to eat and cheap places to stay.

As Rondo said, Quincy and Cambridge are nice places that arent far too.