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Waiting for a miracle
« on: April 17, 2009, 03:56:22 AM »

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Every morning when i get up I switch on my pc and celticsblog fills me with the news about our favourite team. Here in Europe I miss some of the best conversations and some of the games due to the time difference, but in the morning I read everything that has been said on the previous night.

Yesterday, I got up with the feeling of a regular season ended (i must admit i missed the Wizards game) on a high note and looking forward to the meeting with the Bulls on the weekend. We had managed to have a hell of a good season even though we were plagued with injuries and with some tough match-ups on Christmas day at LA and twice at Cleveland. The team lacked some pieces back in december, and I believe we solved that with the signings of Moore and Marbury. Just days ago we were beaten badly in Ohio and I blamed it on the lack of motivation, tiredness and the lack of KG.

It was a bright day, a new season and I couldn't wait to get news from practice after I returned from my work as a teacher.

There comes madness...

First, the Garnett news takes on my stomach as I prepare to have my dinner. My girlfriend switches on the PC and I ask her to open Celticsblog's site...bummer! I am half-alive for the rest of the evening. I really didn't expect it. Then it's the Danny Ainge heart attack and I wonder if there is something wrong with this wasn't really good either, so I think that probably it was just a bad day

I just got up and logged in Celticsblog to check for updates on our emotional leader, the symbol of our title last year after more than 2 decades of thirst for success.

And later in the day, getting back from work I will check this site again in search for a miracle, expecting a headline article by Jeff titled something like:

Garnett may be back in 2 weeks (provided the Celtics advance)
Garnett's knee may heal on time
KG's not done this year

and a pic of Garnett dunking on somebody or just pumping his fist on the air.

Any chances of this?

Celticsblog, will you surprise me again?

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Holland here, same story. Ish. Opened Celtics Blog and hoped for a good read about the playoffs, saw DA and KG headlining the 'bad news' section and I went into numb zombie mode.

I never saw myself as a real Celtics fan. I felt odd when I referred to the teams as "us", "we" or "my team". I'm from Holland. I'm not a bandwagon jumper: I loved them from the first NBA game I saw and picked them as my favourite for a lot of reasons. Yet still I didn't feel as though they were 'my team'. They were always 'them'. 'The Celtics'. 'Boston'. Far, far away.

Today is different. I feel they are 'my team', more than at any other point. More than anywhere before and after "anything is possible!"

As I went to the grocery store to buy my breakfast, I felt like a zombie. KG out. KG out. KG out. Couldn't think of anything else.

Now, I'm at work. And KG is out for the playoffs.

Never thought I'd be affected by this, but I am.

I'm going to write a fan post. Some things need to be said. I'm still positive about the playoffs. Very much so. But I feel bad for KG. After watching all of those interviews, reading all the game reviews, seeing so many games... I feel bad.

Today, I feel like a Celtic.

A sad one.

Re: Waiting for a miracle
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Great posts guys!

I am from Europe also and I do feel that this injury has brought us all closer together...

Re: Waiting for a miracle
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Today is different. I feel they are 'my team', more than at any other point. More than anywhere before and after "anything is possible!"

Well then, welcome aboard, Dirk!  For real this time.   ;D

And as you'll see in today's Babble in a few hours, your comments about how going through the day felt struck a chord with me (hint: the "zombie" rhetoric applies for me as well).


P.S. And I'm presuming (brain too fuzzy to do the conversion) it's a more reasonable hour for you right about now.  Still plodding away as we close in on five antemeridian here...

Reggies Ghost: Where artistic genius happens.  Thank you, sir.

Re: Waiting for a miracle
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"Zombie" defines it exactly. I am unable to be productive...

I chose to be Celtics fan in the mid 80's, right when it became more popular in Spain and have always felt as part of the team fanhood even when my friends made fun of me during the Chicago dinasty for example.

I need some good news, guys...I don't know how to shake from yesterday's news...

Maybe if we can sweep the Bulls I will feel better...

Re: Waiting for a miracle
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By the way, I send you some TP's to try and heal the emotional impact  ::)

Re: Waiting for a miracle
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Well appreciated, good sir. And I returned the favor. Thanks also to Steve, and yep, it's 12:00hrs here. Time for lunch.

Re: Waiting for a miracle
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i am born at the year 1986, so the only thing i knew about the the celtics past was from stories. i became a fan around pp's rookie year, and despite never getting into the finals, ive always believed that someday, things are gona be brighter for them

and then came kg and ray, and banner 17. what a joy it was. a coast to coast finish (but not without a few bumps during the playoffs) topping it with a massive blowout during game 6.

it was historic, magical.. almost unbelievable. but if such a thing would happen again this year, the feeling wouldnt be quite the same. so maybe what we are having now is a blessing in disguise. we may not go all the way but the guys are gona take us as far as they can.

call me optimistic, but if we do win, i wouldnt have asked for a much better way. it would have been as unbelievable, historic and magical as last year. or even more

so count me in... I BELIEVE!!!

Re: Waiting for a miracle
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I am totally on the hope train. Chicago can't monopolize it with our man Barack Obama, and his respect for basketball greatness led him to pick UNC. If he were to make a public NBA playoff bracket, he takes the Celts in five in the first round over his favorite team like a sane and sensible man without a second thought. Read CelticBalla32's accurate, thorough, and much appreciated series preview thread, any non-believer, and know that we have many edges over the Bulls, and all of the tools to correct our mistakes from Saint Pat's.

I have faith with the Magic. The Sixers would be a walk if their injury trouble leads Orlando to stumble. If they have to play a long series that would work too. But besides Rashard Lewis in KG's absence, no Orlando starter will have much of an advantage on the Celts, including Dwight Howard on our Ozark, TX man-child Perk. Rafer should be round two of Rondo's deflation of the young and old, all with big reputations as an impact on their team's chances. Rajon is focused on busting up Mo Williams on the All-Star avenging playoff tour, and is going to amaze us even more than he did on the way to 62 wins for Doc's perfectly coached stretch run. And Pierce always owns Turkoglu ...

After that it is Ray Allen against ... Courtney Lee? C'mon, in the playoffs? And their bench against ours? Marcin Gortat is their biggest asset with a melancholy J.J. Redick and our old friend Tony Battie next in line. That's like an even match-up through ten players if Mikki Moore and Gabe Pruitt were the best players on our bench,and we had Horace Grant when he was on his decline to really blow down the doors with an old veteran grudge or something ... The Magic will be next in Disney Land. The second unit will see to it if the first doesn't. I watched the games from Philly and against Washington twice each. Our bench has only Houston, Portland and the Lakers to look at as actual close pine rivals.

After that, it is still up to Ray and Rajon now. KG's loss on defense can be overcome by the gains in offense and the cohesion we have played with down the stretch without our soul in uniform. We lost on Christmas and Easter to those who would take our crown away, but there are no Christian holidays near Lake Eerie or Los Angeles coming in the summer ... and LeBron is just one animal, albeit a lion that Pierce will have to face to increase his legacy again. We can all deal with him when we get there. The rest of the Cleveland Zoo will need to rise up to keep champions away from a repeat when they smell it. Who remembers the Rockets of the mid-nineties? I know that 1986-87 is the year everyone wants to point to already, and set expectations comfortably on having a good series with the Magic, and we'll see ...

But we don't have to anticipate the outcome of the battles before they're fought. Thanks for these lines, Bruce Lee. Nature is going to take its course, and a team game will be won by the best team. L.A. is the one club that may have us beaten to a man, and they have the West to win. Go Blazers, right? Only half-serious ... because I will shut this passion back up to my private writings with this thought.

We are going to have the chance of a lifetime here. If we: 1)beat arguably, in deference to Saturday's guests, the three most threatening teams at the end of the regular season from the East in succession, and then: 2)somehow take out the mighty Lakers with the front line from heaven and the Marksman on the wings, with a new, improved chorus of angels on the bench, then we will 3) have completed the greatest underdog saga of modern sports memory for me. I know the Pats losing to the Giants is big up there in Mass, but that would be two series against a 66 and 65 win team with home court on their side, following news that interested the sporting world in a way I have not necessarily seen basketball news affect the mass consciousness. Bill Simmons was onto it as well ... Obama's Chicago, Tiger Woods' Magic, and the King's Cavs represent a trio of teams only a devil of a team could run over. Like Pruitt getting drunk when the soon to be important Starbury got his deal done, there can be some moments when we all weaken and think the worst. But like the hardworking and ever-improving Marbury, the Celtics as a whole have some prizes in store on their way to redemption. Especially Steph ... if he can help get Garnett another ring, his atonement will be complete. I can't wait to watch him try.

Under 35 and a half hours until gametime on 4/18 to start the run for number 18! Go C's!
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Re: Waiting for a miracle
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I keep having this gnawing feeling in the back of my mind that this is all mind games.  This came so out of left field.  Up until yesterday, Doc was saying that KG absolutely would play and then suddenly he won't play.  I just don't think he got that much worse overnight. 

I have this funny feeling that Doc feels that he can get past the Bulls without KG.  We can probably win the second round without KG and so the announcement that KG won't be playing through the playoffs.  This buys KG a couple more weeks to get 100%.  In the meantime, other teams are getting overconfident feeling that they will just walk over the Celtics without KG and then voila, when we need him to win a series, they bring KG out.   

Maybe I am drinking too much koolaid.   But I still haven't ruled KG out for the ECF or the Finals. 

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Re: Waiting for a miracle
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I saw the news at work during a prep before I started my day so it hit me but I was able to focus on work. Still bummed me though.