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Re: CSN's Response to Cousy
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Why can't they just not hire someone if they don't think he's worth the money?  I think he said he was getting paid 50K per year.  That's $5,000 per game!!!  No wonder he's mad!  I would be too.  I think he's coming off as a bitter guy who think's he's worth more than he really is.  I'm a die hard and I won't miss his announcing at all.  If Tommy or Gorman left I would be sad.

Comquest had to go public before people starting asking, "Where's the Cooz?" and they'd be forced to respond, "Oh we fired him as part of our Pink-hat campaign"

For your second point...WOW!  Claiming he thinks he's "worth more than he is"?  Give me a break!  Do you realize how little Cousy made back in the day for being as incredibly good and revolutionary as he was?  He was almost single-handedly responsible for popularizing basketball in America!  This guy ought to be a multimillionaire!  A tremendously talented individual, unlike the (unnatural) athletic freaks of nature that "revolutionize" the game today.  He will be missed on the air by fans of the game of basketball.

Give me a break!

Why is it there fault that he didnt make a ton of money during his playing days?  if you want someone to rectify the situation, then call on the celtics of the nba to fix that, but dont blame a tv network for it. 

They made a business decision.  You dont know what their market research said regarding whether people enjoyed him or not.  You dont know what his 'demands' for this year were.  You dont know what the contract situations of the other broadcasters is.  Basically, all you know is that an old man (yes he was a fantastic basketball player) who was a pretty crappy announcer will no longer represent a team that he did wonderful things for.  Thats it.  you and others will miss him.  many others will not. 

Re: CSN's Response to Cousy
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I also am saddened by Comcasts firing of Bob Cousy.  To try and put it in perspective, listening to the old timers is like talking with your grandfather.  It doesn't so much matter what your grandfather says or how he says it, it is just nice to be able to hear him, knowing that all too soon he will no longer be around.  The Celtic greats such as Cousy and Heinsohn were responsible for making many of us life long fans.  For that reason alone they deserve to retire on their own terms.  Yes, Comcast has the right to employ who ever they want, but they could have handled this situation much better.  I wonder how long it will be before Tommy Heinsohn will be the next victim.  My hope is that he will be allowed to retire when he choses.

Re: CSN's Response to Cousy
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Cooz was right there for this team while they sucked for 20 that they've found success it's as if they're too good for him.  i think it's a shame...he's a legend - let him walk away on his own terms.
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Re: CSN's Response to Cousy
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You can sit here and try to say only "diehards" will miss Cousy, and maybe you are right.  But before this year, the Celtics were a profitable franchise despite consistently landing the the NBA's basement.  That's because of diehard fans.

Go ask Miami how much money they make since they were a team devoted to casual fans.

Die hards keep teams, and the businesses like CSN that survive off them, strong in the lean times.  And the lean times are inevitable.  It's like they say in politics, you can bring in new votes but never alienate your "base".  Those are the ones you have to depend on.

CSN, forget my personal feelings on this.  It was a bad business decision.  Suckers.

Haha, are you going to stop watching the games on TV because of this?  If so, thats kind of pathetic...

Haha, did you completely miss the point of my post?  I said die-hard fans will stay through whatever.  But it sure makes me alot less likely to watch any other CSN coverage.

guava_wrench  -  OK, fair enough.  You're one of those die-hards that doesn't like Bob Cousy.  Gotcha.

Forget this... I'm going to go watch some guy shoot t-shirts out of a cannon for half an hour.


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