What is the greatest movie ever made?

The Godfather Part I
Raiders Of The Lost Ark
Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
The Shawshank Redemption
Apocalypse Now
Singin' in the Rain`
Pulp Fiction
Fight Club

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Re: 500 Greatest Movies of All Time
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however, i think revenge of the sith was the best movie in the entire sage

Disagree, no amount of Ewan MacGregor could save that movies from Hayden. Also, the fight above Coruscant was a disappointment.

I loved Revenge of the Sith, but have to agree with KCattheStripe here.

No Almost Famous?  I mean that's gotta be a top 500 movie.

I think so too.  Also, if Superbad is on the list, Knocked Up should be as well.

I thought Knocked Up was a little better, although I enjoyed both.

Almost Famous was definitely on the list somewhere. As for Knocked Up, I was very disappointed when I watched that. Superbad wiped the floor with it.
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