Author Topic: Restructuring the CBA for international players coming to the NBA  (Read 7213 times)

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Re: Restructuring the CBA for international players coming to the NBA
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I agree that the CBA must be restructured, mostly because of international players, but not in a way that treats them differently. The problem is exclusively in the rookie scale, IMO.

2.) Many internationals don't come here simply because they aren't good enough to play here.

Yeps, most of the guys who don't join simply aren't good enough, or, in some cases, like Fran or Diamantidis, they don't want to.

But this is not true for guys like Splitter or Pekovic. They are not in the NBA exclusively for monetary reasons, caused by the rookie scale.

IMO, the best solution would be to allow teams to spend their MLE (or salary cap) in addition to the rookie scale (that, in that case, could be a bit lower). With this, a team could have picked Pekovic with a lotto pick and then still be able to offer him a competitive salary. In the current situation, Minny was the only franchise with realistic chances of bringing him (or the 1st one with that chance). Also, the money NBA teams are allowed to pay for buy-outs must be altered as well.

If this or a similar change isn't made, we'll see more players like Pekovic falling to the beggining of the 2nd round. It's unfair for teams in the 1st round, especially in the late 1st round, because the talent pool is effectively smaller for them. If Rubio continues to develop quickly, I can see him getting a big and long contract from an European powerhouse that we'll keep him Europe for years to come. It'd be a shame, IMO. Rudy left for a much smaller contract, but it's risky to assume others will do the same.

So, I agree with this restructure in order to keep the field leveled.