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I was at the old garden in the stands one night when they were filming scenes for "Amazing Grace and Chuck" so technically I am in it. You might even say the star.

Hey, I was there, too! Was that 1987? It was a preseason game. Alex English was dressed as a Celtic: #31 Smith. He played with the Celtics bench players for most of one quarter. The Celtics starters sat out (as well as Fred Roberts, who was also wearing #31). Before the game, they ran 2 set plays several times in a row for the cameras. I tried to find myself long ago in the video, but I don't remember whether I was successful.

I was only 9 when I was there so I don't remember much about the night, i just remember my dad telling me they were filming th movie that night, sorry for the lack of info.

Re: Celtic Pride Movie
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I watched this for the first time recently. It was actually a solid movie, even though not a whole lot happened. I think I would have enjoyed it even if it weren't about the Celtics. I wanted to see more Boston landmarks though!


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