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2021 NBA Draft
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Now that the college basketball season is well and truly underway, who are some prospects you guys are keen on?

I'm more interested in the non-elite prospects. Guys like Suggs and Cunningham are obviously great, but they're not as fun to talk about.

Top of my board of the less talked about guys is Luka Garza. Insane offensive talent. Averaging 29PPG on shooting splits of 70/62/69 in 26MPG. He's 6'11", 265lbs, has a 7'2" wingspan, moves smoothly, and protects the rim too. Doesn't turn it over either. He also averaged 24/10 last season, so this isn't something out of nowhere. I'd love to add him to this roster, as he's skilled yet enormous and strong. He also does well against top competition like Gonzaga.

Corey Kispert would be a great sharpshooter off the bench. Size to play 2/3 and has been an elite shooter for 3 years now.

Charles Bassey ticks a lot of DA's boxes. Elite defender, athletic, and was a great high school player. Been good at Western Kentucky this year.

Who are you guys fans of?
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