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Re: My bout with Covid
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I was wondering where you were. Good to have you back, and I pray you continue to get better, Nick! Thank you for sharing your story and reminding everyone not to let their guards down.

Re: My bout with Covid
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ah man, so sorry to hear about your experience with Covid Nick.  So glad to hear that you made it through and hoping that you continue to improve and feel better as time goes on.  Thanks a lot for sharing your story. 

Re: My bout with Covid
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Thanks for sharing your story. I thankfully haven't had to deal with it, but working primarily at a food pantry at a YMCA, I have heard a lot of stories. One of my jobs was to contact COVID families under quarantine and one person that I contacted whom had contracted early on (late March early April) was saying how he finally felt better and telling me how horrible his experience was (and this was in July). An acquaintance of mine contracted and passed away at the early age of 32. The only other condition he had was asthma and a few weeks prior, he was in Colombia having the time of his life.

Another family friend went in to the hospital because his wife wasn't feeling well. They tested him and he was positive. His wife went home a week later and he didn't. They suspected it they got it from another friend who thought it was a hoax and made a point to hug people.

Once we did reopen the Y, one of the first people to come was a nurse. She began sharing her experiences with me and how horrible it was to open up one floor, to second floor all the way up to 7 floors of covid patients. They couldn't do CPR and she knew the ones that were going to make it and those who weren't. Worst for her, since she lived in a house with roomates, she couldn't even be comfortable in her own home. When she got home, she would go straight to her room so her roomates didn't become infected.

I think the other forum has reached a lot of very interesting topics but it is important to maintain a focus on how bad this disease can be and as things begin to open up, we still have to do everything possible to reduce the rate and not get infected ourselves.
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Re: My bout with Covid
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Scary stuff Nick.  Glad you made it through.  Good luck with continuing to get to speed and thanks for sharing.


Re: My bout with Covid
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Very glad you're still with us Nick after scary ordeal.

Re: My bout with Covid
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Wow, Nick, that is scary. I noticed your absence and was wondering about you. I'm glad that you're back home and recovering, and I'm praying for a full recovery. It's nice to have you back.
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Re: My bout with Covid
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Really glad to hear you are doing better, Nick. I think we all hope you continue to improve and recover. You've obviously had a rough 2020 and I commend you for staying strong throughout it all. TP for sharing such a personal story with relative 'strangers'.

It's a good reminder that no matter what is going on around you, taking necessary measures to protect yourself is very important.

Re: My bout with Covid
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Thanks everyone for the well wishes and kind words. TPs to all of you, my longtime CB/CS friends.

My real reason in sharing this is to show just how devastating this disease is and that it's not just some little flu or whatever else it has been characterized as by many. This disease is a killer and I got lucky. And I am not alone in this country with this.

180,000 plus people thus far haven't had my luck. And hundreds of thousands more have been lucky but suffered terribly, like I did.

So please, be careful. Do all the right things and not only stay healthy but keep your loved ones healthy too, until we can get a vaccine and kill this terrible disease.

Kudos to you for going into the Hospital. Many people make the mistake for not seeking help when they really need it.

That Doctor pretty much threw the whole kitchen sink (on the medicine side) and probably saved you from being on a vent which most likely would have killed you.

Here's hoping that you recover further and get back to almost 100% of your pre-covid self.

You're one tough cookie.

Re: My bout with Covid
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So glad you are on the mend.  Thanks for sharing your story because it will help to keep the rest of us vigilant.  We all need those reminders.  TP.

Re: My bout with Covid
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Glade you are recovering finally.   Boy that sounded so brutal...!That was as well written detailed first hand description of the covid that Ive read.   Sounds like you had the full deal .  And you were in excellent health to start,  its easy to see how so many people die from this after your report.
 People would do well read and heed your post.

Its been 6-7 months since we have been out to a restaurant to dine in.  Went to our favorite.  The table spacing was super poor ,  large crowds of 25-30 somethings pilling in with covid the last thing on their minds .....the person behind me , was so close her chair rubbed mine.  But the restaurant are desperate and had pushed groups of tables together to accommodate the large groups of younger people. Basically no distance was being met .  I was terriblely uncomfortable the entire time , as was my wife , we left soon as we could .   I did not see ANY older folks out at all , and we were in the expensive area of restaurants.  Usually lots of upper scale retired couples and families .  I saw none.   As we walked around before going in to eat , i,was seeing no one older than 50 anywhere in that part of town out and about .i was very uncomfortable, i just knew all these 18-35 s were positive ...mingling like nothing was wrong in the world.  I felt as thoughit was  Like walking though a mine field .  I doubt we ll go back untill the vaccination process is well under way.
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Re: My bout with Covid
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I'm glad you are feeling better, Nick and thanks for pointing out how bad this can be even if you aren't killed by this horrid disease.

Re: My bout with Covid
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nick, welcome back, i hope you are better, and i am touched you shared your story with us all here. i know from others that COVID-19 is very, very real and very, very dangerous. it also has lasting affects, often on lungs, liver, and other areas. please be sure to have follow up checks on all these.

next, given what you wrote about the out door restaurant and the risk of contagion I wanted to share this article with you and others. it gives good guidance on the spread of COVID-19 and let's us all be better prepared to avoid catching it.

again, best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery. these are dangerous times, especially with the scattered and poorly coordinated responses in the US.

p.s. a tp to help speed up your recovery.  ;D
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Re: My bout with Covid
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I noticed your absence from the forums and thought it was strange that you would miss Celtic games in the playoffs, but it never dawned on me that you could've contracted Covid - I'm glad that you're recovering well from the disease and wish you all the best in regaining your physical capabilities and lung strength.

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Re: My bout with Covid
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Glad to know you made it.

I hope that you recover fully.
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Re: My bout with Covid
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Very scary....I have 2 friends who have had it...One friend only had a slight fever for a couple days, he's in his 40s and he's okay now...another friend is female 27 years old, with Asthma, she got extremely ill, but is okay now...I guess if you have previous lung issues, maybe it effects you more?...VERY happy you're still with us...get better~!
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