Author Topic: Bradley Beal will not play in restart season  (Read 1613 times)

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Re: Bradley Beal will not play in restart season
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I read somewhere today that the NBA needs to have played 70 games this season in order to officially get all the TV money and money from other places. And it's supposedly a lot of money. I believe most teams have played approximately 65 games to date before COVID shut things down. That might be why they are hell-bent on trying to resume this season and play some games, even if they don't finish it and have to suspend the season again.

this is absolutely correct

I doubt they get all their money. There will be a negotiated settlement or this will end up in court. No way the NBA gets all their money.

They won’t get playoff money if there is no postseason, but the 70-game count is what’s necessary for the NBA teams to get their full regular-season money from the RSNs.  The RSNs will broadcast the games, because they really need content, and the NBA will get paid.