Author Topic: 2020 Mock Off-season Trade Thread(FA still in progress, but trade phase started)  (Read 4083 times)

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Looks like C's were behind the gun and needed bigs. What is the Heat roster after that trade? Heat have to be going vets and chip push or the deal doesn't make a lot of sense.

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Hopefully a few more deals are brokered before the deadline tonight at 7pmEst!

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Really unsure as to why Miami dealt Adebayo for a point guard. Jimmy Butler has been their point guard to great effect this season alongside Nunn and Robinson - not so sure Kemba is suited to the undersized 2-guard role as Nunn is.

Or is Butler having the ball taken out of his hands, despite having his best season since he was a Chicago Bull? Certainly been his best rebounding and play-making seasons.

I also don't really get moving on from a 22 year-old All-Star big man on a top team.

Good get for Boston though, despite the bad optics of trading a max FA after a half-season