Author Topic: Scal interviews Tommy about the '76 Finals  (Read 1496 times)

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Scal interviews Tommy about the '76 Finals
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Re: Scal interviews Tommy about the '76 Finals
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Great Stuff. The Celtics team of the 70's is still my favorite, just loved the way they played the game. I watched Game 5 with my dad that Friday nite. For me, it is still The Greatest Game Ever Played.

Side note: Tommy talks about how good Paul Westphal was for Phoenix and how he had been drafted by us and came off the bench to help win the '74 title series vs Jabbar and Milwaukee. I never understood Red trading Westphal to acquire Charlie Scott to replace the free-agent departing Don Chaney. I'll always love Charlie, but Westphal was younger and had higher potential.
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Re: Scal interviews Tommy about the '76 Finals
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I am just going from memory here...I believe Westphal's contract was soon to be up for renewal and Paul and Red were far, far apart in prelim $ discussions, so Red basically traded Paul for a player he had always liked - Mr Scott.  I think there are other cases where sides were far apart, Red lost patience, had the power and made a trade.

With Cedric for Bill Walton, it was also a money issue and Red was really frustrated with Maxwell's casual approach to rehab.