Author Topic: Looking to visit Boston maybe next month or February, any tips/places to visit?  (Read 2806 times)

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I see, well then I'm probably going to have to save some more.

I didn't anticipate it being past $1,000 total, I was probably going to spend more time walking around Boston versus actually going out.

I was thinking of one game or maybe two, then use up remaining money left on either going out to eat, exploring the city, or stopping by a bar or two.

Are drinks/alcohol/food expensive in Boston? I would assume with the plethora of seafood choices available, it won't be cheap.

Is there any other recommendations/places I should stop by?

TP to all who replied.

It'll be so cold in February the walking will be tough....
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there is this Hamburger joint in Harvard Square we loved it when we visited Boston a couple of years ago.

Was it one of these:

Both great and have been there for years. I was in school there in the early 70s, and they are still great as they were then.

Charlies Kitchen has really cheap beer and food, always has.

Monkhouse, as one of the posters said, take the T as a great cheap transportation option, that's great advice. Harvard Square and Harvard have a lot to offer for really cheap, including free tours.