Author Topic: Early Prospects who could fit with the Celtics  (Read 2926 times)

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Re: Early Prospects who could fit with the Celtics
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No matter what pick we get, Ainge gotta draft a guard 😞
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Re: Early Prospects who could fit with the Celtics
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I thought Killian Tillie from Gonzaga would be a great fit in Bradís system. A 6í10Ē forward that can splash 3s at over 40%. He was going to be the Zags main option ahead of Hachimura and Clarke, who are both viable NBA players, but was beset by injuries.

He came back for his senior season. That could drop his stock a little unless he comes back healthy and is lights out in the tournament this year. Ainge likes experienced players with his later picks and Brad, and Tatum, would probably love to have a taller guy playing the 4 that can hit from 3.
I'd rather have that European forward who's drawing homeless man's Doncic comparisons with the fire of KG if we're going to draft another forward tbh.

Lol homeless manís Doncic. Who is it?

Also - Doncic is a SF or PG, depending. What about this guy?
Deni Avdija. He's probably more of a combo forward than a 1-3 guy, but his passing and ballhandling are very impressive. The best thing about his game is that he blends these attributes into an on-ball/off-ball package, which is more Bird-like than Doncic imo (Doncic is mainly an on-ball player).
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