Author Topic: Clicking on topics in Latest Discussion no longer brings me to latest post  (Read 195 times)

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Maybe this is just me, but something I've noticed the last few days.

When I used to click on a topic in the Latest Discussion sidebar, it used to bring me to the most recent post in the thread.  This was great for checking back in on threads I've already read to see the latest posts.

Recently though, this doesn't seem to be happening, instead now I go to the top of the most recent page in the thread.  Find this kind of annoying, mainly because I'm not used to it, but also because I believe the default setting is 15 posts to a page, so I'm continually doing a lot more scrolling just to see if a thread I've already read has been updated.

Clicked around in the settings, and don't see anything, but maybe I'm missing something?  I can change my defaults to show the most recent posts on top, but not the solution I'm looking for, as I'm used to reading top to bottom.  Don't want to change the way I read just for this site, just want to go directly to the latest post.

Clicking on a topic in the directory portion of the site, still brings me to the first post in the thread, which I'm fine with, just talking about accessing topics from the latest discussion sidebar.

The only semi-solution I've found is to click on the "Go Down" option in the upper left at the top of the page of a topic next to the page numbers, which brings me to the latest post.  But now it's an extra button click from what I'm used to and I'm lazy  ;)  (In reality not a big deal hitting the Go Down button, just something I have to get used to).

Is this problem only me?
Was it changed on purpose?
Is there a way to change it back on a user level?
Am I alone in preferring it the old way?

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Noticed the same thing. It is aggravating

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those danged first world problems!!!!!  >:(
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