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Author Topic: Fmr Sec Defense Mattis op-ed in WSJ  (Read 514 times)

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Fmr Sec Defense Mattis op-ed in WSJ
« on: August 28, 2019, 09:48:07 AM »

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Former Secretary of Defense under Trump, Jim Mattis has an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal:

It's worth reading.  It's notable that he doesn't specifically name Trump, but's pretty clearly critical of the latter's nationalistic approach.

"A polemicist's role is not sufficient for a leader. A leader must display strategic acumen that incorporates respect for those nations that have stood with us when trouble loomed. Returning to a strategic stance that includes the interests of as many nations as we can make common cause with, we can better deal with this imperfect world we occupy together. Absent this, we will occupy an increasingly lonely position, one that puts us at increasing risk in the world,"
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Re: Fmr Sec Defense Mattis op-ed in WSJ
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I don't think isolationism works, either.

Is that the same thing as "America first", though?  Because I do agree that our first obligation needs to be to the United States.

Also, I think that it's possible to have allies, without supporting them in every endeavor.  We should have mutual defense agreements, but should we pay more than our share?  Isn't it fair to require contributions from our allies?  And, when nations openly defy us at the United Nations, is it fair for there to be consequences?  Is it our job to subsidize the countries that spend their budgets in ways that harm the United States?

Partnerships and allegiances need to go both ways; it can't always be the United States footing the bill and supplying the troops, while other countries openly defy and criticize us.

Keep in mind, too, that Mattis is advocating an aggressive foreign policy that has us engaged -- with boots on the ground -- around the world.  Mattis is very much a part of the Military Industrial Complex who is fairly interventionist.  His is a foreign policy that supports interventions in Iraq, Syria, Libya and a whole host of other quagmires.  I'm sure he would have been big on the Vietnam War, as well.  As I get older, I become less and less in favor of having our sons and daughters killed for no reason other than geopolitics.
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Re: Fmr Sec Defense Mattis op-ed in WSJ
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America first...end of discussion.

Past history shows us that US isolationism is responsible for starting two World Wars and causing the deaths of over 70 million. Yet we must be compensated for this valuable security asset.

Many of these Countries that provide cradle to grave care to its citizens, do so by taking advantage of the security the United States provides. 

Re: Fmr Sec Defense Mattis op-ed in WSJ
« Reply #3 on: August 28, 2019, 12:17:23 PM »

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"puts us at increasing risk in the world" is a statement that is almost always true... even if you are talking about a strategy opposite one like that which Mattis favors.