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Author Topic: On what issues do you disagree with your political party of choice?  (Read 1964 times)

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Re: On what issues do you disagree with your political party of choice?
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Honestly, I do not have a party and have voted for both at various times but I think they both have flaws and care more about party than country.   I liked the Dems when they did not have all these socialist, commumist, open border crap.    I like the republicans more when they were pre-Tea Party.

You are usually the most challenging poster here for me to figure. Always interested in your input and appreciate your research.  One thing confuses me in particular and sorry to glom onto this one item, but I really don’t understand the “open borders” thing.  I’ve listened to dozens of democrats (not just POTUS candidates) talk about immigration and I have never heard “open borders” mentioned once as a favored strategy nor does the description they give sound to me like open borders.  Please don’t locate one example of one person saying it — even if you could find the words coming out of Liz Warrens mouth it won’t prove that this is a dem thing. 

“Open borders” is a Trump fake news line.  No one wants open borders though some are more open to easier entry than others.  I actually think Dick Durban’s multi-pronged immigration plan with Lyndsay Graham is not only on target, but something most dems would agree with.

I think that a combination of “catch and release”, sanctuary cities, immediate legal challenges to “the wall” and other enforcement actions, and some of the calls to “abolish ICE” amount to de facto open borders.

If you release those caught illegally entering the country, hide them from law enforcement, clothe and feed them, provide them free health care and in some cases free college, and refuse to deport them, is there a substantial difference?

If you are suggesting that you've outlined the full scope of dems policy positions on immigration I think you'd be using hyperbole and denial.  Each of the things you mention is related to concern for human beings who are already here.  And I've never heard the ICE abolition argument without a case for another agency taking over the role.   I certainly don't agree with all of the approaches you mention, but I guess I'd be soft regarding caring for sick, hungry children (or sick adults for that matter) regardless of where they are from.   But again, there is no candidate who favors open borders.