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I think there is a lot of valuable opinions here.  I'm glad I started this thread as every parents' situation will be different and each new parent probably has something they can take away from here.

A little more info on us:
-We live in Charlestown
-I have season tickets split w/ a friend (in aisle seats, thankfully).  I've been to probably over 150 games since '07
-Mrs. action is not a die-hard basketball fan (yet), she just likes to have been invited to a game per season

So some things different for us than some others are that we're ok if (more likely when) we have to leave the game early as fairweatherfan mentioned.  We're so close that we won't have huge regrets about it being as difficult and time-consuming endeavor to have gotten to the game as if we were coming from outside the city.  Also, our plan is for it to be one of the games in the bottom 2 tiers for that same reason of expecting to leave early.  I wouldn't want to have any resentment for leaving earlier than desired.  I will have already been to opening night and probably other games this season w/ my friend before this game.

Based on the responses, so far I've gathered:
-I think I'll wait until at least 6 months, so not until March or April at the earliest.
-The decision will really depend on how the baby is in public crowds which I'll have to figure out in her first few months.  Also will depend on any kind of sleep schedule the baby might be on.
-Baby headphones/ear protection is a must.
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