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Re: Hypothetical 2020 Trade Deadline Scenario
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Not making the all star team does not mean Brown and Tatum "missed the mark". Both could progress right on schedule and miss the all star team, even if they were clearly worthy of it.

Who knows what the Memphis pick will become, and Tatum alone may turn out to be worth more than Towns. Hayward will be a FA a year from now, and Kemba + Towns doesn't look like a title contender to me. Further, I don't trust Towns work ethic. His L-T contract is a double edged sword. Yes, he's locked into it for several years, but so are you, and many a high paid athlete has turned into a potato with all that guaranteed $$.

And on top of all that, winning a title with your own players is vastly more satisfying than bringing in mercenaries for a few years. A title with Smart, Tatum, Brown, the kids we just brought in would mean far more to me than cobbling together a few contracts for a 2 year run then starting over again.

Unless it's involving bringing in one of the top half dozen or so players in the league (i.e., not Towns), no way I'm trading Tatum. I believe he's going to be a superstar.

Re: Hypothetical 2020 Trade Deadline Scenario
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I don't want to trade Hayward, Smart, and Brown and get back Wiggins on the wing. In that trade scenario, I'd rather route Wiggins to a 3rd team for another guy. I think I'd also only really do it if Edwards and/or Langford become a solid scoring option off the bench.

In my mind, it'd have to be Smart, Brown, one of the young guys (Langford or Williams) and the Memphis pick with another first rounder.


It'd have to be Wiggins going to a third team, bringing us back a solid starting wing or big to pair with Towns. You could send him with a first to OKC for Adams, or Golden State for Russel (which Towns would like because they are friends who have wanted to play with one another), or even Cleveland for Kevin Love (if healthy)

In the end our roster would look like:


I don't want anything to do with Wiggins, and I don't want him taking shots from Tatum.

Hypothetically, I'd consider it, but I would guess the Wolves would rather both Hayward and Wiggins be out of the deal. I'd rather that too, leaving us a roster of

Most talent in the league. We don't want or need AD.

Re: Hypothetical 2020 Trade Deadline Scenario
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There’s no favorite player like a player on another team! Awful trade.

Re: Hypothetical 2020 Trade Deadline Scenario
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This is an absolutely obscene trade. Tatum and Brown, let alone the rest? This is far more than the AD or the George trade, and KAT has not proved he is that level.

More to the point, unless you have a LeBron or a Kawhi on your team already, you don't mortgage the future for a 1b star.

Just to be clear, do you think LAC would have given that for George if they didn't have Kawhi with it? Or LAL for AD if LeBron wasn't on the roster?

Trade value is not just what a player is worth in a vacuum. It is about need to sale, need for the buyer, timing and situation.

Kemba is not suddenly on the A+ tier, Tatum and Brown missing the all star game doesn't put them as trade fodder, Hayward recovering from injury doesn't make him a guarantee to succeed or to fail.