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Re: Can Tatum play the 4?
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Tatum has the size to the play there but not the mentality.

He needs to be more physical and aggressive. Work the boards.

However, Tatum doesn't play that way. He plays soft. He plays finesse defense. He does enough to get by but no more on the backboards. Tatum is comfortable when he has equal or superior size to his opponent but he has been uncomfortable whenever he is facing a bigger opponent. He hasn't learned how to play against bigger people yet.

Hopefully this will change in time ... but as of now, no, Tatum cannot play the PF position. He needs to play SF.

Similar to Employee #8!  I always thought, what a waste because when he was down low, just about unstoppable.
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Re: Can Tatum play the 4?
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No, Hayward can't either, need 2 bigs if Al is gone, one of he stays more than we need a PG!

Re: Can Tatum play the 4?
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This is why, to me, Ainge's biggest failure as GM is failing to move up into last year's draft to grab Wendell Carter or JJJ.  One of those guys together with Smart, Tatum, and Brown would have be an great young core.  I'm still p---ed Danny sat on his war chest instead of moving up to grab one of those guys.

No, and horford isn`t good enough to cover the weaknesses of having tatum there.

Horford needs to be the PF.

Center, yet again, is a massive question mark.

Re: Can Tatum play the 4?
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Didn't everyone see enough of that last season?  It is fine for a change of pace line-up but not as your core starting/finishing 5.  I think it is silly to play Tatum out of position.  He is a wing.  He has the potential to be a top tier wing.  And you want to play him as a big where at best he would be below average?