If you are a pure-breed Boston sports fans, vote for the loss that hurt the most

2007 New England Patriots - lost Superbowl after 16-0 season
10 (29.4%)
2010 Boston Celtics - lost Game 7 to Lakers
17 (50%)
2019 Boston Bruins - lost Game 7 to the Blues
1 (2.9%)
1986 Boston Red Sox - lost Game 7 to the Mets
6 (17.6%)

Total Members Voted: 34

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Re: Most disappointing Championship loss
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2003 ALCS and SB42.

Nothing else even comes close.

Wasnt around in 86 so can't comment on that one.
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Re: Most disappointing Championship loss
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Offline KGs Knee

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At the time, that '03 ALCS loss was horrible.  Just an absolutely terrible feeling after that.   However, it obviously got tempered the following year.  But, at the time, that was as devastating a loss that I've been through.

2010 sucked.  Watching it slip away in the 4th quarter was like a slow death.  I still haven't brought myself to watch any of that game again.

I can see how that 2003 loss would be devastating, especially losing to the Yankees. That was one loss that never upset me because of the situation I was in at the time. I remember watching game 7 at Hasbro Children’s Hospital. My 4 month old daughter had surgery for her spine the day or two before. My wife and I stayed by her bedside the whole time during her recovery process at the hospital. When Boone hit the home run, I just turned and looked at my daughter, and knew she was all that mattered.
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Thank you. I went from the ultimate high to the ultimate low on the day my daughter was born. I was crying uncontrollable out of happiness when she was delivered. A few hours later, she went for her exam, and the head of the hospital paid us a visit. I instantly knew it wasn't good news, as there is no way this person would see every patient. After the doctor broke the news to us, I soaked it in, and realized what it truly means to be a parent. No matter what, this will always be my daughter and I would do anything to make her happy and safe.

Fast forward to today, and my daughter has been playing travel softball for years, has been a varsity starter on her high school team in her freshman and sophmore years, and just made honorable mention all division. Not bad, considering she would have had issues walking if it wasn't for her successful surgery.

I apologize for vering off topic, but I couldn't be more proud of my daughter (and son btw).

That's awesome that your daughter has accomplished all that in spite of her challenges.

Re: Most disappointing Championship loss
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2010 with the Refs Fix was the worst to me.  I am a diehard Celtics fan but could care less about the Bruins as I am an out of state fan and not even remotely a hockey fan.   I find the some bleeding over fandom to the Pats, though and I was pulling for the Bruins for you guys but I did not watch a game.
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Re: Most disappointing Championship loss
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1. 86 World Series (Syd Fernandez' son lives in my neighborhood, and I see El Syd every other month when I walk my dog, so I can't forget)
2. 75 World Series (My first year as a fan.  Cried myself to sleep after EVERY loss that series, especially game 7).
3. '03 ALCS - Had to call in sick to work the next day
4. Dolphins loss to 49ers in Super Bowl XIX (I'm a Dolphins fan)
5. 1985 Finals loss to Lakers - First time as a fan we lost to LAL
6. 2010 NBA Finals (They had just won 2 years prior, so didn't hurt as bad)
7. 1987 Finals loss to Lakers - we were seriously banged up, but that Magic baby hook was a killer

Re: Most disappointing Championship loss
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Online Phantom255x

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2007 Patriots. That was probably the first and only championship loss where I cried after it. Although I was about 8-9 years old at the time so I think it's a bit justified in my case  :P

I've been sad about others (including last night's loss) but that one hurt the most for me. I'd also say 2011 Pats because while I acknowledge we probably shouldn't have even made the SB that year (Brady carried us while our defense was literally the worst in the league), losing it to the Giants AGAIN was demoralizing. Lost it in similar fashion too (game winning drive by Eli)
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Re: Most disappointing Championship loss
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Online ozgod

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I voted 2007 Superbowl but the 1986 Red Sox comes second.
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