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Re: Celtics (37-22) at Raptors (44-17) Game #61 2/26/19
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I honestly thought the missed rebound early in the second (when Lowry missed both FT) that Hayward bobbled out of bounds completely changed the tenor of this game. While perhaps one play doesnít account for this type of drubbing, I think we were playing fairly well until that mishap

A missed rebound changing the whole tone for the game, thanks for the laugh.   That is patently absurd.

Danny is playing the long game, I hope.   Other GMs made moves to compete this year and we did not.   Their rosters improved for a play off run and we did not.   They added stars and vets and we did not.   I sincerely hope that Ainge has a plan that justifies this inaction but then again maybe he saw the writing on the wall early and decided that this team is not going anywhere this year.    Could we turn it around it, sure, but I think we are deceiving ourselves if we think that this is likely given what we have seen.   We have talent but we have chemistry issues.   We lack a true leader and we simply do not play with Celtic Pride.

Re: Celtics (37-22) at Raptors (44-17) Game #61 2/26/19
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It's great how a #27 pick (Siakam) is looking a lot better than Boston's #3 pick (Tatum).

Siakam is gonna be a super star its a fact... He's not American guess what Gianiss isn't either these people the way they were brought up from the gutter appreciate every second of what has been presented to them. They know being in the NBA getting mins being starters... It's a privilege like no other and they work very hard in the summer they don't care about their Instagram pages or nice cars or vacations all they care about is getting better and it shows every game.

why do you think that foreign players come from worse economic circumstances than American players?

I disagree about the economic status, but I do think foreign players like Giannis and Siakam benefit from not coming up through the AAU/NCAA circuit. Some of these young players expect to be stars and don't know how to grind it out. Siakam had the same energy up 20 last night that he did when the game first started.
I guess itís a good thing
That most people around here seem to always be more in love with the future than the present.

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