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Re: Trade Idea: Celtics - Hornets
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Here's a simple guide for trading any significant team asset:

One question: Do we get a longer term solution at power forward/center who can be a quality defender within our defensive scheme?

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Pass on Gordon..he really hasn’t been healthy since that horrible injury
C/PF-Horford, Baynes, Noel, Theis, Morris,
SF/SG- Tatum, Brown, Hayward, Smart, Semi, Clark
PG- Irving, Rozier, Larkin

Re: Trade Idea: Celtics - Hornets
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I don't understand this one at all.  Hayward would be the back up SF.  People seem to like line ups where Tatum is the PF.  I don't.  I don't mind trading White for a good vet back up SF but not one that makes $30M, will want to be a featured player, and would force Tatum to play out of position.

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Being a person who had reoccurring similar injuries year after year growing up it was incredibly was like “oh no not again .”  Especially hard  if you’re in a big role and the team is really counting on you.
   It’s a big mental hit to get injured continuously. I really feel for these guys and really get behind them ‘cuz I know it  suuuuucks. You gotta consciously fight off maladaptive beliefs and have a lot of hope and patience. All along  the fans can be nasty . Blaming you for getting injured. I mean that’s pretty messed up I think we all can admit.
   If Hayward was good ego wise to accept a bench role HELL YEAH . It’s not my money. I realize it’s incredibly unlikely but I think it’s better to approach the year positively. That we will have relatively good health and a squad of
Smart         Brogdon
Jaylen         Hayward
Tatum.        Grant  Williams
           Pritchard I currently view as IDEALLY an incredible  3rd stringer. No disrespect. His talent level is insane to me.
  They’d need a bit more  help down low but between Brogdon, Rob, Horford , Hayward .. those are sone big brain players to me. I don’t benieve in black cats do I’d fo this. But I understand the feelings against it, absolutely.

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Celtics: Gordon Hayward

Hornets: Derrick White, Danilo Gallinari, Luke Kornet

(Trade cannot take place until October 11 December 15)



Williams III

Hayward, Brogdon, Williams, Prichard, Hauser


I know this will never happen and is most likely my third iteration of a Hayward trade, but I love this team.

Obviously this trade comes with the stipulation that Hayward wants to win a ring and is acceptant of a 6th man role. Given his long history with various injuries, it’s something he needs.

Perhaps I can only dream of a Finals closing line-up of Brogdon, Brown, Tatum, Hayward, Horford.

And this is what likely kills the deal. Hayward's desires and his injury history.
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Re: Trade Idea: Celtics - Hornets
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I'd rather have White than Hayward.  Now Rozier I'd be far more interested in. 
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Re: Trade Idea: Celtics - Hornets
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Matt John had a similar idea yesterday on except we ger Oubre back.

Like he said in the article, it would be a cold move by Brad!
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