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Re: Shams: Porzingis to Boston?
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Save him for the conference finals.

Celtics should still be able to coast thru the next round without him.

I think the Celtics would still be favored against either team that comes out of the 4/5 matchup, but doubt they’d be able to coast without KP.  Luckily they do have a decent amount of experience playing without him, but he playoffs are a different animal and the reason they got him in the first place; Al, Luke and Xavier will need to step up, but the Jays will need to take it to another level as well

Well it'd be nice if the coach actually played Tillman. I will say, if you want to combat Bam's physicality for some minutes, Tillman would be the perfect guy even if it's for some hard fouls or to make Bam work for his shots

I don't understand why he's not getting any burn at all.  Shades of last season when our bench was massively underutilized.

Also, I'm irritated that they didn't take out KP when he first started limping.  Then, they continued to play him after a collision on the perimeter.  Why?!

Yeah Kornet is for some reason ahead of Tillman.  Imagine Tillman is not as caught up with defensive rotations or something.  I would prefer him to get time as I did like his game last year with MEM, but overall I think the minutes are okay for our starters.

Porzingis was around 30ish minutes a game coming in
White and Brown around 35
Holiday around 36
Tatum around 40

If you compare that to some other coaches that we talk about like Nurse and Vogel then I actually think the Celtics have done a better job with their minutes.  Come playoff time I prefer to stick to a tight 8 man rotation when possible. Especially because I do think there is a legit drop off from PP, Hauser and Horford.  It is different with a team like the Heat who have a whole lot of meh guys and they just need to throw a bunch out there and see what sticks.
I'm guessing but my guess is that Kornet is ahead of Tillman because if there's going to be a "non-shooter" on the floor, they'd rather it be someone with legit center size who can catch lobs.

That said, I've also been a little surprised at no Tillman. I like Tillman and he seems like exactly the kind of guy the C's would want on the floor to deal with the physicality of the Heat and Bam, specifically.
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