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Welcome to the Entertainment Forum
« on: January 23, 2009, 12:59:42 PM »

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Thanks to the suggestion of BudweiserCeltic, and the tireless efforts of IndeedProceed and the rest of the Celticsblog staff, we've decided to open an "Entertainment" forum, which is a sub-forum of the Off-topic section.

Inside this forum, you'll find five additional boards:  Movies, Music, Television, Video Games, and Other (for everything else).  Please utilize them forums, and discuss the topics you find interesting.

(I think we're done with restructuring the forums, so hopefully this isn't too much of an adjustment.  It should keep things more organized, hopefully.)

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Re: Welcome to the Entertainment Forum
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Good stuff. Thanks Roy and IndeedProceed. I also see that the threads look to have appropiate thread titles for each series. Looks good.